A tourism development fund was formed

A tourism development fund was formed
The tourism development fund was finally formed after two decades of investigation with the arrival of the representatives of the 11th Parliament.

A tourism development fund was formed
According to the report of Kental Iran Travel , quoted from Fars, the members of the parliament approved the clauses related to the tourism development fund during the review of the expenditure section of the budget bill 1402 in the public session of the Islamic Council last week.

In paragraph “k” of note 9 of the proposed budget bill of 1402 and decrees that can be made permanent, it is stated that with the aim of supporting the tourism economy of handicrafts and cultural heritage, the development fund for handicrafts and handwoven carpets and the restoration and exploitation of historical buildings and possibilities Culture will be renamed as Tourism Development Fund. Amendments to the new statute, based on the assigned mission, will be prepared by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage as the official and organization of the country’s program and budget within three months after this law comes into force, and will be approved by the Cabinet.

Ali Asghar Shalbafian, Deputy Tourism Minister of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts stated that the establishment of this fund was the result of the follow-ups of the Minister of Cultural Heritage. .

He also said: We hope that by drafting the constitution of this fund and its formation, we will be able to encourage and support tourism investors in a more effective way.

The approval of this fund comes at a time when the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism has a fund called the Revival Fund, which has the exploitation and support of handicrafts and handwoven carpets in its sub-category, and for this reason, some members of the parliament raised objections, such as the fact that two funds cannot be used. In a ministry, it was approved by Kurds.

One of the objections raised was that the Handicrafts Deputy is involved in the activities of the Revival Fund by supporting handicrafts and handwoven carpets, and the Cultural Heritage Deputy also plays an important role in the circulation of this fund in terms of restoring and handing over historical monuments.

The Vice-Chancellor of Tourism can also come to their aid and make the wheels of heritage and handicrafts move with the movement of the tourism wheel. However, considering how much the field of cultural heritage has not been successful in advancing the goals of the restoration fund and how many historical buildings have been saved from destruction and danger, it can be said that this fund has not been able to enter the field of handicrafts, let alone the field of tourism. .

Another point is that although tourism is not mentioned in the long name of the revitalization fund, tasks are also considered in this fund for activities in the field of tourism. Therefore, the opinion of the members of the parliament was that there is no need to raise such an issue in the proposed budget bill because tourism is mentioned in the tasks of the fund.

Another thing is that the budget bill can be implemented for one year, but the issue of changing the name of the rehabilitation fund is mentioned in Note 9 to the provisions that can be made permanent. Therefore, maybe it would have been better to change the name of the fund and determine the task for it in its technical place and not in the budget bill that can only be implemented for one year.

In the proposed text of the budget, the above-mentioned fund is non-governmental in nature, and this work was done in line with the greater participation of the private sector. In fact, the private sector wanted to establish such a fund so that it could rely on it in times of crisis.

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