A tourist center was opened in the historical context of Shiraz

A tourist center was opened in the historical context of Shiraz
A tourism center was opened in the historical context of Shiraz, and the deputy of the coordination of pilgrims and tourism affairs of Fars governorate said in the opening ceremony: the creation of infrastructure and the standard renovation and restoration of the houses of the historical context will bring prosperity and security to this context.

A tourist center was opened in the historical context of Shiraz
According to Kental Iran Travel report, quoted by IRNA, Mohammad Farrokhzadeh, during the opening ceremony of a boutique hotel in Shiraz on Saturday, added: We hope that the management of a fabric in the historical context can solve the problems in it and bring satisfaction to the residents and sympathizers of the historical identity of the city.
Referring to the recent debates about the historical and cultural fabric of Shiraz at the country level, he continued: Those who continuously broadcast the news of the destruction of the fabric outside the province and the country are not in the circle of sympathizers, because this issue causes the desire of investors and The residents of the area will decrease.
He stated: This is despite the fact that the fabric of Shiraz and the efforts of all governmental and non-governmental producers of the country are unique.
The Deputy of the Coordination of Pilgrims and Tourism Affairs of Fars Governorate said: We must defend the fabric in all aspects to protect it, but leave negative advertisements aside.
Farrokhzadeh added: If we want to revive Baft’s history and not witness social anomalies and this golden piece of history and identity become more prosperous day by day, it is necessary to advance things with cooperation and unity and promote it positively.
He said: Those who criticize the tourism sector of the province, if they have a plan or idea to improve the conditions and upgrade the tourism industry of the province, they should present it so that with cooperation and synergy, the existing problems can be solved and the movement towards the development of tourism and pilgrimage in the province can be facilitated. .
This boutique hotel was built on a land of 2 thousand square meters, with an investment of 60 billion tomans and direct employment of 80 people.

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