Azadi Tower hosts domestic and foreign tourists in Nowruz

Azadi Tower hosts domestic and foreign tourists in Nowruz
Azadi Tower cultural and artistic complex hosts domestic and foreign tourists with special programs during Nowruz from 1st to 12th April.

Azadi Tower hosts domestic and foreign tourists in Nowruz
According to Kental Iran Travel, citing the public relations of Azadi Tower, the national symbol of the country, in cooperation with the Municipality of District 9, will host Nowruz tourists in the capital at the same time as the beginning of the new year and the special program of Nowruzgah Azadi.

The establishment of ethnic crossings (nomadic tents and traditional rituals, food and music of Iranian ethnic groups), souvenir stalls, handicrafts, music of nations (Tajik, Afghan and Indian), tourism headquarters stalls, sales of Nowruz tours and the origin of tours, and a simple iftar distribution stall It is one of the programs of Nowruzgah Azadi.

Performing the artistic stage of the festival and broadcasting it on Cima channel 5 from 12 noon is a special part of Salamat network’s Nowruz program as a live broadcast during the year of delivery from square level programs.

Also, for children, a portable amusement park, creative booths, children’s art, rickshaws, strollers, bicycles, VR games, and a stage that are broadcasted directly from dynamic networks and Omid and Shad applications have been considered.

Visiting the visiting spaces of Azadi Tower along with the roof and art exhibitions related to Nowruz and the Islamic Revolution are other special programs of Azadi Nowruz.

The cultural and artistic complex of Azadi Tower is open to citizens and tourists from 1 to 12 April from 9 to 20.

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