Hengam Island

Hengam Island is a small, spectacular island in the Persian Gulf,and its simplicity will amaze you.

The Island with a native traditional apparent, hosting rare beaches,

playful dolphins, spectacular wildlife, vast sea, scenic palm forests,

limestone mountains, and a cute bazaar.

These are some of the attractions that drive many travelers to Hengam Island.

There is not any hustle and bustle on the island, no street, no cars.

People will make an unforgettable trip for you with their hospitality.

Hengam is one of Qeshm attractions, they are close to each other

and a trip to it begins with a boat riding on the Persian Gulf waters.S

tay with us to take you on a boat trip to visit one of the most beautiful islands in Iran in the Persian Gulf.

Where is Hengam Island?

Hengam Island is a small island with small villages, with an area of about 36.6 km2 in the Persian Gulf.

It is one of the land

marks of Hormozgan Province, located about two kilometers to the southeast

of Qeshm Island.The island is a part of Qeshm County, and one of its rural

districts with Mashi Village (New Hengam) as the center.

Hengam Island, with 9 kilometers long and 6 kilometers wide, looks like a semi-cone.

The island has limestone mounts (composed of sodium carbonate),its highest point is Nakas Mount with a height of 106 meters.

The widest part of the island from the “Old

Hengam Village” to the “New Henagam Village” is about 9 kilometers,

and the narrowest part of it is about 5 kilometers.

Hengam Island is about 43 nautical miles (79.6 km) to Bandar Abbas

and about 29 nautical miles (53.7 km) to Qeshm.

The Access Route to Hemgan Island

To access Hengam Island, first you should go to Qeshm Island.

To reach there, you can take a speedboat or ladder from these three ports;

Shahid Bahonar Port or Haqani port in Bandar Abbas, and Bandarpol Port in Khamir County.

Although, Qeshm Island has also an international airport, and you can fly to this island.

Reach Kandaloo or Shibderaz ports in Qeshm.

It is 10 km from Qeshm airport to Kandaloo Port, and 50 km from Qeshm City.

Buy tickets in the port and take a boat to reach Hengam in about

seven to 10 minutes. Boats transfer passengers in these two ports from 8 a.m.

until the sunset. Take a cab or drive to get to Kandaloo or Shibderaz ports in Qeshm.

There are two access routes to Kandaloo port in Qeshm city;

The South Coast Road, which runs along the coast with unparalleled

views of the sea and takes you to the port, and the Qeshm-Dargahan

Highway, which leads from the middle of the city and after passing Qeshm airport to the port.

The History of Hengam Island

Foreigners has notices Hengam Island since the past, and during the Safavid and Qajar periods, it was occupied by the Portuguese and the British.

Hengam Island is in the Persian Gulf waters, close to the Strait of Hormuz and

the Qeshm Island; A special strategic, geographical location that gives the island strategic and military importance.

The British also believed that Hengam Island was a suitable place

to anchor their ships, because of its deep, suitable beaches and water well for sure.

For this reason, John Malcolm came to Iran in 1799 and presented an analysis

of Iran’s situation and Iranian behavior, and he also provided the preparations

the British colonial presence.

At that time, Karim Khan Zand was the governor of Iran and the British failedto seize the time; they did not give up, and eventually took over the island during the Qajar era.

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Hengam Island