Iran Visa Application

Iran Visa Application

Foreigners who intend to enter Iran must apply for Iranian visa. In order to obtain Iranian visa, an Iranian citizen or a registered Iranian company must be the host. It takes 2 to 10 business days for Iran tourist visa issuance, 4 to 10 business days for Iran business visa and 7 business days for Iran multi-entry visa.

Iran Tourist Visa

Foreigners who intend to travel and visit Iran must obtain an Iranian tourist visa. Agencies do the registration of tourist visa applications. An Iranian citizen must be the host and fill out the relevant documents. If the guest does not have a host in Iran, he can purchase hotel or tour from a travel agency to be his host.

Documents Required for Iran Tourist Visa Application

          The Iranian host must fill out the host profile form in Persian.

The guest profile must be filled out by the foreign guest, preferably in English.

Clear, colored scan of guest’s passport, the first page

Clear, colored scan of guest’s personal photo

The host’s national card scan

Iran Business Visa

Foreigners who intend to do business in Iran must enter through a business visa. A registered Iranian company must host them. The companies can register the visa application themselves, but due to their limited time and agencies’ high experience, companies leave the application registration to the agencies.

During the last one year, those who have traveled to Iran 3 times using business visa, can get a multiple-entry visa.

Documents Required to get an Iranian Business Visa

  • Host’s profile form, including CEO’s and company’s information, filled out by the CEO or the contact person.
  • Guest’s profile form, filled by the foreign guest.
  • Clear, colored scan of guest’s passport, the first page
  • Clear, colored scan of guest’s personal photo
  • The company’s scanned establishment announcement and the latest changes’ announcement
  • Invitation letter with company’s letterhead to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, mentioning the reason for inviting the guest, stamped and signed by the CEO.
  • CEO’s national card scan
  • Introduction of a contact person who is the trustee of the company and the CEO
Iran Multiple-Entry Visa

Obtaining Iran multi-entry visa is possible only for people who travel to Iran on business. This visa is issued with different validities according to the number of trips of the person in the last year. The validity of Iran’s multi-entry visa or multi-travel visa usually varies between three months, six months or one year, depending on foreigner’s nationality and the number of trips made in the year before applying for the multi-entry visa. This visa has several advantages.Saving time and money from not getting multiple visas is one of the advantages. Also, with this visa, you will not be worried about not getting one anymore.

After completing the documents and registering the application from the panel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and receiving the authorization code from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, other documents such as the application, official newspaper, the printed first page of the passport, as well as printed guest’s entry visas from the previous year, are reviewed in person by the deputy of the passport and visa department. In case of his agreement, after a few days a multi-visa reference code will be sent to the applicant. In order to receive the visa, the applicant should go to the nearest consulate in his place with this authorization code and receive his visa.

Generally, it should be noted that decisions regarding multiple-entry visa applications is based on the opinion of the honorable deputy of passport and visa department. It is done by reviewing mentioned documents, and it is possible that even with the complete documents mentioned earlier, the applicant’s multi-entry visa application will not be approved according to his discretion.

Note: This type of visa is not issued to citizens of USA, UK, and Canada.

Documents Required to Obtain an Iranian Multi-Entry Visa

In addition to the documents required for a business visa, the following is required for a multi-entry visa:

  • Photo of last year’s visas

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Iran Visa Application