Karakal Desert

Karakal Desert

Karakal desert near Bafq city is one of the most popular attractions in Yazd province, which some call it as the most beautiful desert of Yazd. When traveling to this desert, you don’t have to worry about your overnight stay; because suitable accommodation facilities are available nearby. In addition, exciting activities such as camel riding, quad bike, stargazing, and off-roading will also await you in Karakal desert. Stay with us to accompany you on a journey to the mysterious land of the desert with endless peace.

Where is Karakal Desert?

Karakal desert is located in the center of Yazd province, near Bafq city and Sadeqabad village. The distance from this desert to Sadeqabad village is 5.1 km (seven minutes by car) and because of this proximity, some people know this beautiful desert by the name of Sadeqabad. The distance from Karakal desert to Yazd is 141 km (one hour and 50 minutes by car); This desert is located on the east side of the city. Karakal desert is located at the coordinates of longitude 31.734488 and latitude 55.3234882. The distance between Karakal desert and Tehran is 758 km; about eight and a half hours by car.

Bafq city is one of the southern cities of Yazd province, which is located 100 km from the provincial capital and is neighboring with Kerman province. This city is famous for its huge iron ore mines and the first iron ore mine of Iran is also located in there. The largest salt pan in Yazd province is located in Bafq; which was created by the water of the Shur River and is located in the heart of the desert called Daranjir Desert. Karakal Desert is also a part of Daranjir desert and is located in the northwest of Bafq. Shur River is the most important river of Bafq, which originates from Mahan city located in Kerman province and finally reaches Daranjir desert. The distance between Karakal desert and Bafq is 22.4 km (26 minutes by car).

Access Route to Karakal Desert

To access Karakal desert with your own car, first go to Yazd; Then drive the desert road for almost 100 km towards Bafq. On Bafq-Yazd highway, enter central Sangahan (iron ore) road to reach a square. Take the third exit and continue until you reach another square. Take the third exit again; the path that goes to Baqerabad village. Continue this route, pass Baqerabad village and go towards Sadeqabad to reach the Karakal desert. The road to Karakal desert is paved.

You can go to Yazd by plane and then reach Bafq. You can also use the train (on Tehran-Kerman, Tehran-Bandar Abbas, Tehran-Zahedan and Bafq-Mashhad routes) to reach Bafq station or use Yazd buses and then Yazd-Bafq bus to reach Bafq terminal. In this city, you can use tourist services and tours to Karakal.

Get to Know More About Karakal Desert

Karakal desert was an unknown tourist attraction until a few years ago, which became a well-known area with local people efforts. One of the very interesting programs that was implemented in this area was the national desert hiking conference. This conference was held in December 2007 with the presence of delegations from several provinces of the country. Its coverage made this area known throughout the country. After foreign tourists visiting, Karakal desert was able to introduce itself as one of the most famous deserts in Iran.

Vegetation (except for fruit trees and groves) in Karakal desert is very little and mainly sandy soil plants. Among the plant species of this area, we can mention ” Stipagrostis plumosa” bushes and rarely ” Calligonum comosum”. On the border of the sabulous fields and salt pans on its edge, salt cedars can also be seen.

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Karakal Desert