common free zone between Kermanshah and Diyala Iraq

Establishing a common free zone between Kermanshah and Diyala, Iraq
The governor of Kermanshah described the creation of a joint free zone between Diyala, Iraq and Kermanshah as a development project and said: If the Iraqi side wishes, the necessary follow-ups will be carried out to create a joint free zone between the two provinces and the people will benefit from benefits such as visa-free travel in this region. It is done seriously.

Establishing a common free zone between Kermanshah and Diyala, Iraq
According to Kental Iran Travel News report, quoted by Isna, Dr. Mohammad Tayeb Sahrai, in a meeting with “Mohammad Sami Hamid”, the head of the Diyala Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a delegation of Iraqi businessmen and economic activists, said: Iran and Iraq have many historical, cultural, religious and religious roots. are deep and this brotherhood and common faith roots have created a very ready platform for the expansion of relations.

He added: Accordingly, increasing the level of communication between the two provinces of Diyala and Kermanshah in the fields of religious and health tourism, commercial exchanges, bilateral economic and cultural cooperation is pursued as a main priority.

Sahrai emphasized the strengthening of cultural solidarity between the people of the two provinces and said: Kermanshah is ready to facilitate the usual commuting routes of the residents of the two provinces in the areas of pilgrimage, tourism and treatment, and the establishment of bus and flight routes between the two provinces.

He continued: “In the recent meeting with the head of Radio and Television, we have proposed the production of joint series with Iraq, which was well received, and Diyala province can also participate in the production of these series.”

Sahrai introduced one of the main priorities of Kermanshah province to connect railway and highway lines to the country of Iraq and said: “Fortunately, a serious determination has been formed in the government to connect the railway and highway lines of the west of the country from the route of Kermanshah to the country of Iraq.”

He named increasing trade exchanges with Diyala province as another priority and said: Diyala province is the main gateway of Kermanshah to Iraq, Syria and the Mediterranean Sea and is of special importance to us.
The high official of the province said: We also want joint economic investment in the field of healthcare and economy between the two provinces.

He added: “The most difficult surgeries are being performed on a daily basis in Kermanshah hospitals, and part of these services are provided to Iraqi patients, and the possibility of expanding these services is fully available.”

Request for the presence and investment of Iranian companies in Diyala

In the continuation of this meeting, the head of the Diyala Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomed the expansion of relations between the two provinces and said: increasing the level of trade between the two sides is one of the important demands of Diyala’s economic activists.

Mohammad Sami Hamid added: We also want the presence of Iranian companies and their investment in Diyala province.

He continued: Turkish companies have made large investments in the Kurdistan region and we want similar projects to be created by Iranian companies in Diyala province.

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