Construction of a tourist pier in Bandar Turkman

Construction of a tourist pier in Bandar Turkmen

Ali Mohammad Zanganeh said in a conversation with reporters on Tuesday evening: After the arrival of dredges and cutters in Gorgan Bay, it was decided to dredge the Bandar Turkmen area after about half a century.

Governor of Golestan said: “The preparatory part of the dredging of the Bandar Turkmen harbor has been done for easier mooring of vessels and we are trying to provide the necessary infrastructure to allow the sea bus to dock at the first tourist harbor of the province by the spring of next year.”

Construction of a tourist pier in Bandar Turkmen

He pointed to the category of dredging the canals of Gorgan Bay and said: Currently, all senior officials and the ministry are working to heal this ecosystem.

Zanganeh said: The dredging work of the Ashur canal is in progress, and in less than a year, more than 55% of the physical progress has been made, with the completion of the dredging in the Chapagli and Khazini canals.

Golestan Governor continued: Three thousand and 500 billion Rials have been approved for the dredging of the Ashur Canal, of which two thousand billion Rials have been allocated so far.

He also said: “Fortunately, after dredging, the conditions of the inhabitants and birds of the region have improved compared to previous years, and we have witnessed the presence of a large number of migratory birds in Gorgan Bay.”


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