Places you are never allowed to enter! + Video

Places you are never allowed to enter! + Video

Introduction of places where your entry means accepting the risk of death!

  1. Snake Island, Brazil

It’s a place which being in it means death, in a word, if you are fed up with your life, go to snack island because it’s said that there is a snake in every square meter, and they’re mostly ” golden lancehead”. Since 1909, it has been forbidden to enter this island, and currently just the navy and research teams are allowed to go there. It is interesting to know that the locals say the snakes are protecting a treasure.

  1. North Sentinel Island, India

This island actually belongs the ” Sentinelese” tribe, who have been living there for at least 60,000 years and are not very interested in others, that’s why no one should cross 9 meters from them, and the Indian Navy protects them. Anyone who approaches will be greeted with a spear. In the last 20 years, two people have been killed this way.

  1. Surtr or Surtsey Island, Iceland

Surtsey is an island that came into existence in 1963 to 1967 due to the eruption of an underwater volcano, public entry is prohibited and only research teams can go there.

  1. Poveglia Island, Italy

It’s said that this island is cursed, people haven’t come here for almost 200 years because of fear of ghosts. The reason is that in 1570 and 1630, those suffering from plague were quarantined in the island’s hospital, thousands of people were burned and buried on this island. In 1920, a mental hospital was built there, but it was said that the patients were tortured and they did experiments on them. Finally, it evacuated completely in 1968.

  1. Lascaux Caves, France

This cave was found in 1940 by four teenagers. Since 1963 until now, no one is allowed to enter these caves because there are so many prehistoric arts on its walls which date back to more than 17 thousand years ago and it was getting damaged due to visitors, but A copy was made of it for tourists to visit.