Interesting Facts You Need to Know

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The National Museum, Iran’s first official museum and often referred to as the mother of all Iran museums here, is a massive place spanning over 20,000 square meters with an exhibition area of 18,000 square meters. This museum is the real deal – it’s the oldest, most important, largest, and one of the wealthiest museums in Iran. It’s divided into two sections: Ancient Iran and the Islamic era. The Ancient Iran section displays historical artifacts from the Stone Age to the Sassanid era. In the Islamic area, you’ll find treasures from the post-Islamic period. This museum houses an incredible collection of over 300,000 items representing various cultural eras in Iran, from prehistoric times to the Islamic age. It’s a historical treasure trove waiting to be explored!

Treasury of National Jewels

The National Jewelry Museum is a hidden treasure in the basement of the Central Bank of Iran, housing a dazzling collection of royal and historically valuable jewelry and objects from ancient to modern times. It’s not just about the economic value; it’s a testament to the taste and craftsmanship of Iranian artisans and artists throughout history. This museum is a must-visit if you’re into unique jewelry designs and all things gold. The jewelry and treasures in the National Jewelry Museum are divided into 36 distinct sections, showcasing items like ornamental jewelry, crowns and tiaras, brooches (also known as “Peykaleh”), vases, food covers, water pipes, mirrors, staffs, thrones, pins, and chest decorations. And don’t forget to check out the collection of precious gems like diamonds and pearls, including the world’s largest pink diamond, the “Pink Star,” on display in this museum. It’s an absolute gem of a place!