Hengam island traditional tours package

Hengam island traditional tours package

Hengam island traditional tours package

The beautiful Hengam island is one of the most special and attractive islands in southern Iran, which is located near Qeshm island and attracts many tourists every year.  tourists from all over Iran and other countries travel to the beautiful Hengam island to visit its tourist attractions, you can with the help of the kental Iran travel team.

Travel to this beautiful island and enjoy its attractions. Iran tour guide will guide you on when to travel and visit the attractions and will accompany you from the beginning to the end of the trip.

Traditional restaurants

As one of the beautiful, traditional, and special islands of the Persian Gulf, Hengam has many places to see and tourist attractions, one of the most important of which are the beaches of this island.

Hengama island has 5 beaches, each of which has its characteristics.  one of these beautiful beaches, called silver beach, is considered one of the most famous and beautiful tourist attractions, on Hengam island.

Shining beach

During certain seasons of the year and at night, the beach has a beautiful and special face and will turn into a brilliant blue color.  as you think the stars are in the middle of the water.

Red soil

One of the reasons why tourists are interested in visiting and traveling to Hengam island is the presence of red soil in this area. The soil is red, it is one of the tourist attractions of this region.

The traditional package of Hengam island

Hengam island market

Hengam market is one of the most special, traditional, and colorful local markets in Iran, whose stalls are built by local people and made of wood and offer a variety of products. When you enter the market, you can feel the color and smell of tradition from all its parts. There are women in local costumes selling beautiful handicrafts made from seashells.This market will be a good place to buy traditional souvenirs and souvenirs, and on the other hand, you can get to know the local people better and buy some traditional food souvenirs.

Traditional restaurants

There are many traditional restaurants on the island where you can enjoy the traditional and delicious food of this island and enjoy its traditional and beautiful atmosphere.  kental Iran travel will help you to choose the most high quality, beautiful, and suitable traditional restaurant on Hengam island and enjoy its great atmosphere. The traditional foods of this island are very famous and delicious.

Customs and traditions

Hengam island traditional tours package

Hengam island has special customs and traditions that the people of this island adhere to. One of the reasons for attracting tourists to this beautiful island is the different traditions. the people of this island wear special, beautiful, and colorful traditional clothes and have very beautiful and special clothing that makes this island more beautiful.  Tourists can take souvenir photos by wearing these clothes and make this trip memorable. kental Iran travel helps you to take beautiful photos with these special and beautiful colorful traditional clothes and enjoy them.


On the island, you can have many wonderful, traditional, and exciting activities. one of these activities is diving, which an Iran tour guide will help you to have safe and enjoyable diving and provide you with all the necessary services.  provides and provides you with any equipment you need.  Another entertainment of this island is henna, which is done by traditional women of the region, and tourists are very interested in this and it can be very attractive and memorable.  Fishing is one of the traditional pastimes of this region. you can experience and enjoy this traditional pastime.  With kental Iran travel, you can experience and enjoy the most traditional entertainment on this island.


One of the important points for any trip is the hotel and accommodation where tourists rest. Tourists prefer to rest in hotels and traditional residences so that they can enjoy its traditional atmosphere while having a peaceful and pleasant rest.  Iran tour guide helps you to have the best and most traditional accommodations and hotels.

Iran visa

Hengam island is one of the most beautiful islands in the south of Iran that tourists from inside Iran and other countries tend to travel to this beautiful island.  but foreign tourists must first obtain an Iranian visa, which may take time.  Iran visa will help you to obtain Iran visa in the shortest possible time. kental Iran travel will be with you from the beginning to the end of your trip and will provide you with the best services.

The best time to visit Hengam island

Hengam island traditional tours package

According to the weather and climatic conditions of Hengam island, the best time to travel to this area is autumn and winter.  in autumn and winter, the weather is great, and as a result, the heat does not bother you.

and considering that dolphins also migrate to this island from mid-autumn to mid-may, the best time to travel will be on time.

 kental Iran travel will help you to be the best and will be with you from the beginning of the trip to the end of the trip. take the time to travel to this beautiful island.

About Hengam island


“Hengam” is a cozy, lovely, great, and traditional island in the south of Qeshm island, which has many attractions, such as playful dolphins, sea turtles, sea birds, cultivated crocodiles, rocky beaches, and boating. This island is the country’s first crocodile breeding farm, which has made Iran one of the 50 countries that breed this animal. Kental Iran travel is with you from the beginning of the trip to the end of the trip to experience a great trip and provide you with the best services.

To have a dream trip and experience a great, memorable, and traditional trip, be with us and trust kental Iran travel.

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