Holding night tourism tours in Tehran

Holding night tourism tours in Tehran
The head of tourism headquarters of Tehran municipality announced the organization of night tours in Tehran.

Holding night tourism tours in Tehran + details
According to Kental Iran Travel report, quoted by Isna, Amir Ghasemi said about holding night tours in Tehran: Tehran Municipality will organize special programs in the three complexes of Azadi Tower, Milad Tower and Abbas Abad Hills in the form of a festival on the occasion of Nowruz and Moon Ramadan is held.

He stated that based on the plans made, we have established a night tour bus service for tourists, and added: Tehran night tour tours are also free and using tourist buses from Abbas Abad land station to Milad Tower and then Azadi Tower.

The head of the tourism headquarters of Tehran Municipality added: “The hours of night tours will be from 19:00 to 24:00.”

Referring to the religious tourism in Shahrari and the existence of historical monuments in this area, Ghasemi said: Also, these tours will be held from the shrine of Hazrat Abdulazim Hosni (AS) to the tourist places of the 20th region from 15:00 until Maghrib Azan.

The tourist routes of the capital are as follows:

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