Holding the 16th Iran International Tourism Exhibition

Holding the 16th Iran International Tourism Exhibition

According to Kental Travel report, quoted by Isna, Hossein Rezaei, an activist in the field of tourism, said about the 16th International Tourism Exhibition: Exhibitions are generally known as an effective solution in marketing and meeting suppliers, applicants and consumers, and an effective role in presenting creativity and innovations. they perform

Holding the 16th Iran International Tourism Exhibition

He added: Last year, at the same time as the 15th International Tourism Exhibition, the various aspects of religious tourism were examined and it was said that it is better for the administrations of all religious tourism areas, along with Razavi’s Holy Shrine, Hazrat Masoumeh’s Holy Shrine, Shahcheragh’s Holy Shrine, and other Imamzadegan shrines to that the religious tourism space is analyzed by the audience to present their performance and services in this exhibition. It is hoped that attention will be paid to this issue this year as well.

Rezaei continued: We are in the holy months of Rajab, Sha’ban and Ramadan, and the celebrations of Rajab and Sha’ban are part of the cultural needs that direct the audience to the pilgrimage areas. Also, it is expected that 3 waves of travel will be created for those interested in religious tourism in the coming Nowruz, and part of the services that will be provided in Nowruz should be informed in this exhibition.

He stated: Recognizing the tourism industry does not end exclusively with providing services and analyzing the performance of the cultural heritage and tourism departments, but all the effective factors in the tourism industry, including land, air, and sea travel fleets, as well as road services on the way, checking the intermediate facilities to Especially the health of service and welfare centers should be evaluated. Considering that some of the tasks are under the responsibility of the Road and Road Transport Organization, this institution should not stay away from the supervision of tourism.

This tourism activist continued: Paying attention to travel costs, especially intermediate services, the level of readiness of cities to accept passengers, the readiness of traffic police and the elimination of danger from high-accident areas, monitoring the sale of tickets and distribution of daily tickets, passenger taxis and the way of providing cultural services can be To assure the travel of pilgrims, travelers and domestic and foreign tourists.

Rezaei said: It is also expected that effective factors in the field of travel services, both direct and indirect, will be required to perform in this exhibition so that the media and people can evaluate the effectiveness of their services in Nowruz trips.
He added: In addition to providing timely information in the country’s media and advertising space, in addition to presenting new achievements, a vision of the services of successful companies in the field of tourism and tour management, tours of successful leaders, media in the field of tourism, educational fields in this industry, electronic services and technology Information in the field of tourism, associations, populations and non-governmental organizations, new branches of tourism, ecotourism and rural accommodation centers, tourism map publishing companies, municipal tourism units, electronic banking, market tourism and handicrafts, as well as international tourism through the provision of tourist services. It will be easy.

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