Holding the Fajr International Crafts Festival

Holding the Fajr International Crafts Festival
The Deputy Minister of Handicrafts announced the holding of the seventh Fajr Handicrafts Festival and said: For the first time, this festival will be held internationally.

Holding the Fajr International Crafts Festival
According to Kental news from mehr news, the 7th Fajr International Handicrafts and Traditional Arts Festival will be held from 26 Bahman to 4 March at the National Museum of Iran. The opening ceremony will be held on February 26 at the National Museum, and the closing ceremony will be held on March 4 at Milad Tower International Convention Center.

The jury of this festival consists of Iranian and foreign judges, including Dr. Keen Kim Joseph Low, Mrs. Aiti Tyagi Singh, Mr. Asif Sheikh, Mohammad Taqi Ashuri, Mehdi Keshavarz Afshar and Youssef Samadi Bahrami.

In the press conference related to this festival, which is currently being held in Fajr Hall of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage; Maryam Jalali, deputy of handicrafts of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, said: The first step for that is to identify the capabilities of handicrafts. Iranian cultural advisors are present in 60 countries in the world in a virtual form at the end of this festival. On the other hand, we must obtain global indicators for export. The judging of the national festival can help in improving the indicators. We hope that the cultural approach will become an economic function.

Jalali said: Russia has a tourism exhibition on March 15, there will be cultural exchanges between us and Russia. But he is not present in this program.

Jalali said: Artists can also attend the festival individually. The deputy of handicrafts will be the wing of artists and artisans. We will try to make them produce their art and be fair in this field.

Jalali added: There is no more basic knowledge than handicrafts, from the fabric that is woven to the metal that is engraved on it. Basic knowledge is based on the original knowledge of handicrafts.
He continued: Handicrafts can help tourism. Cultural heritage as our originality and roots and handicrafts as an economic wing can strengthen each other.

He said: 4- and 5-star hotels are supposed to have an Iranian room and they promised to start from Tabriz and equip a room with Iranian handicrafts. Pay attention that I do not use the word decoration, but I believe that the room should be decorated with 52 types of handicrafts. be equipped manually.

Jalali stated: 7 Simin cedars will be awarded in both external and internal sections, 3 cedars in the external section and 4 cedars in the inner section. Also, two Simin cedars will be given to the intangible heritage, and the sign of its growth will be given to the continuers of the handicrafts path. Simin bergamot is also given to an active and entrepreneurial lady.

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