How much is a trip to Iran?

How much is a trip to Iran?

Rich history, numerous ancient cities, centuries-old markets, and magnificent historical monuments are only a small part of the heavenly beauty of Iran. These natural beauties and numerous historical monuments have always attracted the attention of tourists from all over the world.

Iran is one of the Middle East countries and with an area of 1,648,195 square kilometers, it is the 17th largest country in the world and with a population of 81,672,000 people, it is the 18th most populous country. Iran is bordered by Armenia and Azerbaijan from the northwest, the Caspian Sea from the north, Turkmenistan from the northeast, Afghanistan and Pakistan from the east, the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea from the south, and Iraq and Turkey from the west. The capital of the country is Tehran, and Mashhad, Isfahan, Karaj, Shiraz, Tabriz, Ahvaz, Qom and Kermanshah are its most populous cities.

How much is a trip to Iran?

Each of the cities of Iran with its different culture, ancient history and native artists are considered a valuable destination in tourism. According to our experts at Kental Travel, Isfahan is at the top of the list of tourist cities and it annually hosts many tourists from all over the world. Among the countless sights of Isfahan, you can find Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Bird Garden of Isfahan, Sio-se Pol Bridge, Minar Jonban, Qaisarieh Bazaar, Sofe Mountain Park, Khajo Bridge, Naqsh Jahan Square, Imam Mosque of Isfahan, Vank Church, Chaharbagh Abbasi, Chehel Sotun Palace, Isfahan Aquarium, Bethlehem Church and Najvan Park.

Shiraz, the city of poetry and literature, is one of the other recommended cities in the list of the prestigious Kental Travel site. Eram Garden of Shiraz, Narenjestan Qavam Garden, Jahan Nama Garden of Shiraz, Vakil Hammam of Shiraz, Saadi Tomb, Shahcheragh Tomb, Karim Khan Citadel, Koran Gate, Zaint al-Mulk House, Vakil Bazaar, Hafiziya, Vakil Mosque of Shiraz and Margon Waterfall are just a corner of are the sights of Shiraz. Pasargad and Persepolis in Fars province are among the most prominent historical attractions of the country, whose splendor alone attracts many tourists to Iran.

In modern Iran, Tabriz has earned the title of the first in many fields. Some of the most important sights in Tabriz include Tabriz Bazaar, Constitutional Museum, Ostad Shahryar House, Azerbaijan Museum, Tomb of Tabriz Poets, Tabriz Blue Mosque, Mount Aun Bin Ali, Tabriz Municipal Building, Eel Goli, Tabriz Bilurchian House, Thiqa Al Islam House, Complex Laleh Park, Tabriz Nobar Bath and Talche Road Bridge (Aji Chai) are commercial and recreational.

As the capital of the country, Tehran is also full of various cultural, historical and recreational attractions. Tehran’s Golestan Palace, Tehran’s Milad Tower, Tochal Cable Car, Tehran’s Moghadam Museum, Tehran’s Omidvar Brothers Museum, Tehran’s Saad Abad Palace, Iran’s Money Museum, Charsu Cinema Campus, National Jewelry Museum, Darband, Ostad Farshchian Museum, Sabz Museum Palace, Tehran Bazaar, Azadi Square, Dizin Ski Resort, Hall of Mirrors, Tehran’s Tajrish Bazaar and Tehran’s Nature Bridge are only a limited number of Tehran’s attractions.

The sights of Iran do not end here and from Yazd and Kashan to Rasht and Masal, from Abadan and Qeshm to Mashhad and Qom, the vast country of Iran is full of natural, historical, religious, cultural and artistic attractions.

Here, based on the opinion of our professional experts at Kental Travel, we will introduce two common Iran tours with their approximate prices.

Five-day short tour of Iran for only 450 euros

In this five-day trip, you will have a brief look at a corner of the history and civilization of ancient Iran and you will visit the masterpieces of Iranian-Islamic architecture. In this trip, you will first enter Tehran, the capital of Iran, through Imam Khomeini airport, and after a day of rest, you will explore the historical places of the capital. Then by bus or taxi, you will go from Tehran to Kashan, where you will get to know the signs of the first human civilizations and the skeletons left from that time, then you will go to Abyaneh to see one of the oldest villages in Iran. One day is enough for this part of the trip. After Kashan, the turn comes to Isfahan, which is the most attractive city for foreign tourists. You will stay in this city for two days and you will visit attractive historical places such as Naqsh Jahan Square, Ali Qapu Mansion and Sheikh Lotf Elah Mosque, and then in the traditional bazaar of Isfahan, surrender yourself to the fluid flow of history and while walking in the market, think of the old eastern stories. For the second day of your stay, you can also visit Vank Church or walk on Khaju Bridge

Finally, you can reach Tehran by train, bus or plane and leave Iran.

9-day tour of Iran for only 790 euros

In this tour, you will first enjoy the beauty of Tehran for two days, then by train or plane, you will reach the city of Yazd, the capital of thatched houses, and you will enjoy the beauty of life on the edge of the desert, definitely from Yazd Jame Mosque and visit the historical places of this city. On the second day of your stay, you can also visit Yazd Zoroastrian Temple and Daulat Abad Garden and enjoy local food in one of the traditional restaurants of this city.

Our next destination in this tour is the city of Shiraz, where you can stay for two days. On the first day, you will visit the tourist attractions of this city, such as the bazaar and bathhouse of Vakil, Karimkhani Citadel, Hafiziya and Saadi Tomb. It is better to sleep early at night, because the best time to go to the Pink Mosque is early in the morning and at sunrise so that you can take the best photos in this mosque. Then, after breakfast, you can visit Persepolis and Naghse Rostam to see one of the palaces of Cyrus the Great, the Persian Achaemenid king.

After Shiraz, you can also go to Isfahan and enjoy sightseeing in the city of turquoise domes and thousand-colored tiles during your two-day stay in this city. Finally, you can return to Tehran by train, bus or plane.

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