Increasing tourism between Ilam and Karbala

Increasing tourism relations between Ilam and Karbala

According to Kental Travel News report, quoted by ISNA, Mohammad Sobhan Hosni, in a meeting with Dr. Mojtabi Shasti Karimi, Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Karbala, on Thursday, considered the visit of the governors and officials of Ilam and Karbala very effective for expanding the relations between the two provinces and He emphasized the presentation of capacities and potentials of Ilam province for the businessmen and people of Karbala province.

He said: Ilam province has good capacities in the fields of tourism, agricultural production and products, oil and gas, and petrochemical fields, and these capacities can lead to good commercial and cultural relations between the people of Ilam and Karbala provinces. .

Emphasizing the order of the honorable president to use the capacity of the borders in economic discussions, as well as the revival of border cooperatives and luggage trade, he said: If we can have permanent or seasonal exhibitions in Karbala province of the products and capacities of the province. If the Iraqi side is also active in this regard, the level of diplomatic, cultural and economic relations between the two provinces will be very high.

In this meeting, the Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the province of Karbala, referring to the welcome of the governor of Karbala for the visit of the officials of the province of Ilam, also announced his desire to visit the province of Ilam and said: Our effort in the near future will be to build a bridge To be a connection for businessmen, economic activists, tourism and health sector of Ilam and Karbala provinces.

Dr. Karimi emphasized: In order to strengthen the relationship between the two provinces, holding meetings between businessmen and economic and tourism activists of the two provinces is on the agenda to increase the level of trade, economic and tourism relations.

He also welcomed the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce office of Ilam province in Karbala and vice versa and said: We can provide the necessary preparations for setting up a permanent exhibition of Ilam province products in Karbala, because these measures can increase the level of trade exchanges. to be very effective between the two provinces and to meet the needs of the two countries by increasing these connections and exports again

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