International health tourism exhibition will be held in Tehran

According to the report of Kental Travel, quoted by Fars, International health tourism in tehran will start on 18 Bahman in Tehran.

Diako Abbasi, the secretary of the country’s health tourism steering council, said: This year, for the first time, a hall and an authorized section under the title of health tourism event will be held in the 16th Tehran exhibition. This year’s health tourism event will help to present a mixture of Iran’s health tourism ecosystem by introducing Iran’s health tourism capacities, interacting with medical centers of IPD hospitals and health tourism companies and offices of the country, health schools and trustees of traditional and Iranian medicine, and with The special news coverage of business meetings, panels and specialized workshops and the events of this exhibition will present a powerful image of this industry and its Iranian influencers.

He added: This international event will be held with the close cooperation and interaction of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health as the two main members of the Health Tourism Steering Council and specialized associations active in this sector, and Homai Sarmeen Pishgaman Company will be held as the host of this sector. , is trying to connect the activists and enthusiasts of this field in Iran and other parts of the world in the form of holding exhibitions, meetings and specialized panels.

The Secretary of the Health Tourism Steering Council of the country stated: A meeting for this purpose was held with the presence of Dr. Amirkhani, International Vice President of the Ministry of Health, Mrs. Dr. Hosseini Yakta, Head of the Department of Iranian Medicine of the Ministry of Health; Dr. Turjan, the head of the health tourism department of the Ministry of Health, the secretary of the International Health Services Association and the head of the health tourism society and a group of relevant managers were held in the Ministry of Health.
Pointing to the importance of the maximum presence of health tourism ecosystem activists, especially hospitals with IPD and health tourism offices of the country, in this international event, Abbasi added: in the executive instructions of this event, appropriate measures and planning are included in various aspects, including booth construction and hardware and software facilities of the exhibition, as well Lecture panels and workshops have been held.

While giving explanations about the presence of foreign guests from countries such as Iraq, Turkey, Russia, China, Qatar, Oman and France and holding B2B and international meetings in this event, he said: We hope that with the maximum presence of companies, medical centers with IPD, associations and Government and private organizations related to the health tourism ecosystem will witness the organization of a great event at the national and international level. In addition, support and encouragement plans have been compiled by the health tourism steering council in the executive instructions of the exhibition in order to facilitate participation in the exhibition.

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