Investment of 12 Russian delegations in the Anzali Free Zone

Investment of 12 Russian delegations in the Anzali Free Zone

According to Kental Travel report, quoted by Ilna, Issa Farhadi considered free zones as one of the achievements of the Islamic Revolution and stated: Anzali Free Zone is one of the unique free zones of the country with a history of 16 years of activity.

He stated that the Anzali Free Zone has been able to create jobs for 23 thousand people with the help of the private sector, and added: In addition to the administrative and commercial sector and the market, there are 164 factories in the Anzali Free Zone.

The CEO of Anzali Free Zone Organization, referring to the foreign investment of 250 million dollars in this area, stated: With the increase of foreign investment, there is the capacity to develop the Anzali Free Zone.

Farhadi considered the Anzali Free Zone as the only one with a port and continued: All ports in the country are under the management of the Ports and Maritime Organization, but the Caspian port is located in the Anzali Free Zone and has 14 berths; Of course, four docks are active, two of which are being built by the private sector.

He considered the docks of the Caspian port to have back-shore facilities and stated: Caspian port, as a third-generation port, plays a significant role in the development of trade; 150 factories out of 164 factories are active behind the bank of this port and we are witnessing foreign and joint investment of domestic and foreign and Iranians abroad.

The CEO of the Free Zone Organization, Anzali, said that the main countries traded by the Caspian port are Central Asian countries, especially Russia, and noted that more than 35% of Central Asian trade is carried out through the Caspian port, which is a significant share.

He considered Anzali Free Zone to have two ports and added: Anzali port has a history of 300 years, but the Caspian port is newly built and is developing rapidly; Soon, with the connection of the Rasht railway to the Caspian port and the completion of the Rasht-Astara railway, Anzali Free Zone will become a hub for Russian goods.

Farhadi stated that 30% of the country’s oil is imported through the Caspian port every year, and emphasized that the import of basic goods, raw materials, grains, wood and spare parts is carried out along with the export of petrochemicals, fruits, clothes, etc.

Referring to the increase in import and export in the Caspian port, he added: in the 9 months of this year, more than 400 thousand tons of import and export were carried out through two docks; In the near future, two more wharves will be built with backbanks, grain warehouses, oil tanks, and fuel tanks to meet the needs of the country.

The CEO of Anzali Free Zone Organization announced the 160% growth of Anzali Free Zone activities and stated: 12 Russian delegations visited the region this year, which will lead to investment. We also launched the system for issuing commercial cards and company registration.

Referring to the special conditions for the export of fruits and agricultural products, he said: With the establishment of cold storage and refrigerated container transportation, the conditions for the export of agricultural products will be provided, and now the private sector investors are ready to enter the cold storage sector and purchase refrigerated containers. .

Farhadi, stating that in the first nine months of this year, we had more than eight million people entering the Anzali Free Zone, he added: We must provide the capacity for tourists to stay, and therefore we will activate marine tourism and the new marina by the beginning of next year.

The CEO of Anzali Free Zone Organization considered the 10-kilometer distance between Anzali and Caspian ports as a good opportunity for tourism and noted: Iran’s second aquarium is in Anzali Free Zone, and we have 41 hotels in addition to eco-tourism and cheap accommodation units.

Referring to the construction of a hotel, a specialized hospital and a water park, he said: “We will open a sports hall with an infrastructure of 17,500 square meters in the Fajr decade of this year.”

The CEO of Anzali Free Zone announced the opening of 10 projects with an investment of 915 billion tomans in the private sector and the creation of 1,125 jobs in the Fajr decade and stated: Also, the implementation of five projects with an investment of 1,858 billion tomans and the creation of 415 jobs in the Anzali Free Zone starts.

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