Investment of $ 5 billion for Chabahar’s largest tourism project

Investment of $ 5 billion for Chabahar’s largest tourism project
Kental Iran Travel News:
The mayor of Chabahar in southern Sistan and Baluchistan said that the support of the public government for the private sector investor has led to the largest tourism, recreational and accommodation project with an investment of 2 billion tomans in the city.

Investment of $ 5 billion for Chabahar’s largest tourism project
Darwish Baluchia said: “The efforts, efforts and accompanying the popular government have led to the great plan of reunion after about a five -year hiatus and bring hope to the rest of the native investor.”

He added: “Over the past few months, all the equipment and equipment needed by the investor is being purchased and working quickly and we hope that parts of this project will soon be ready to serve the people.”

Chabahar mayor said: The project with the participation of a 2 -hectare municipality with a total area of 4,000 square meters and a private sector investment including amenities, restaurants, water parks, hotels, suitable facilities for sports competitions and team accommodation. Sports, fuel station, and residential, recreational and sports suites.

He continued: During the past five years this tourism project has been transferred by the municipality to private, but it has not been improved so far with the special support of the government this year.

The designer and consultant of Chabahar Service and Tourism Project also stated: In addition to providing amenities and reception, office facilities, meeting halls, service complexes, 4 sufficient apartment hotel units, sports complex and pool standards with international championships in the big championship It is construction.

Omid Khosravi Danesh, referring to the service of this large tourism complex to more than 6,000 people at the time of operation, employment of 2 people and 2 indirectly, added: “This collection has all the necessary standards in discussing construction and based on the construction.” The national building rules and regulations are under construction.

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