Iran ambassador met with the new head of Tajikistan

Iran ambassador met with the new head of Tajikistan

The ambassador of our country met with the head of the tourism organization of Tajikistan and discussed bilateral cooperation in the field of tourism.

Iran’s ambassador met with the new head of Tajikistan’s tourism organization
According to Kental Iran Travel report, quoted by IRNA, in the meeting of the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Tajikistan, Mohammad Taghi Sabri, and the head of the Tourism Organization of the Republic of Tajikistan, Kamaluddin Momenzad, there was a discussion and exchange of views regarding the implementation of the memorandum of understanding on cooperation between the two countries.

In this meeting, the parties pointed to the many commonalities and ties and the positive atmosphere governing the relations between the two countries, both culturally and linguistically, Iran and Tajikistan, further expanding the relations between them in the field of tourism and facilitating the travel of the nationals of the two countries and tourists were emphasized.

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