Iran is still the destination of Russian tourists

Iran is still the destination of Russian tourists

According to Kental Travel report, citing Mehr, Russia’s visa cancellation with Iran, travel restrictions to China, European Union sanctions and Europe’s strictness in issuing visas to Russian tourists, presenting a negative image of Russia in different countries and banning the use of international cards in Russia, like Visa card, has caused this country to be limited in domestic and foreign tourism.

In fact, the Russian tourism industry these days has been affected by the embargo on international flights after the war with Ukraine, and the attention of Russian tourists has been drawn to the countries of Asia and the Middle East, for this reason, Russian travel, which had fallen under the influence of Corona until months ago, Now the situation is different

Iran is still the destination of Russian tourists

However, after the ban on the civil aviation industry, wealthy Russians travel to the UAE and Turkey and spend the most on long-haul trips in these countries. Iran is still the travel destination of many Russian tourists, despite the recent events, many embassies of foreign countries have announced that their citizens should refrain from traveling to Iran. The number of foreign tourists entering Iran has also decreased due to recent events, and the custodians of travel service offices in Iran constantly announce that incoming tours have been canceled and even for the spring of 1402, they are still on record.

International sanctions brought Russian tourists to Iran

However, travel service offices that have been operating in the field of Russian tourists; They have a more prosperous market. Even Russian-speaking tourist guides are busy these days.

Mohammad Hossein Yazdani, the head of the trade association of tourist guides of Tehran Province, announced the boom in the travel of Russians in Iran and said: “Now we have few Russian-speaking tourist guides in Iran, all those who speak Russian are also working, and many groups of Russians travel in Iran, maybe to This is the reason why Russians cannot go to Europe and Iran is the best destination for them in terms of cost, visa and weather.

Akbar Ghamkhar, a member of Iran’s tour guide community, also stated that the number of Russians traveling to Iran has increased more than ever before and said: “We are still from Europe, even though foreign sites have tried their best to make Iran look unsafe; We have incoming tourists. Although the number has decreased so that a tour was not booked for the following spring and we not only missed the autumn season but also the spring of 1402.

In recent years, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage has tried to bring many tour operators to Iran for free in the form of familiarization tours in order to enhance its position in the travel of Russians. In the meantime, Turkey stole the lead and managed to attract more tourists from Russia.

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