Iran’s wildlife ecotourism event has started

Iran’s wildlife ecotourism event has started
The three-day wildlife ecotourism event was hosted by Yazd province with the presence of the country’s tourism experts and activists in the field of tourism and environment.

Iran's wildlife ecotourism event has started

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Wildlife ecotourism event started
While announcing this news in an interview with Isna reporter, “Homa Sohsari”, Acting Vice President of Tourism of National Cultural Heritage Department of Yazd Province, stated: This event is on the occasion of commemorating World Wildlife Day (March 12) and considering the many natural and wildlife potentials of the province in order to The introduction of rare animal and plant species of Yazd province in the form of national specialized tables of ecotourism, wildlife and wildlife has started from today, the 9th of March, in the historical caravanserai of Sirizd district of Mehriz city in Yazd province.

He explained that ecotourism is a type of travel in which tourists travel to pristine natural areas with the aim of benefiting the environment and local communities, and during these trips, they take responsibility for nature and wildlife and try to minimize damage to the environment. Bersanand said: This event will be followed until the 11th of March in the form of various programs, mainly in the two cities of Yazd and Mehriz, and during the visits, some training workshops will also be held for experts and activists of this sector.

Zoharri, referring to the opening ceremony with the presence of Seyed Mustafa Fatemi, General Director of Domestic Tourism Development of the Ministry of Heritage, Nouranian, General Director of Environment, and Ahmed Akhundi, General Director of Cultural Heritage of the province, as well as Dehghan, Governor of Mehriz, and other officials, among the programs of this event are visits to the centers He mentioned the propagation and breeding of wildlife and centers for keeping animal species, visiting special zoos and holding a photo exhibition in addition to holding specialized workshops in the field of getting to know the mammals, birds, reptiles and arthropods of the province.

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