Khuzestan can be the hub of safari in the Middle East

Khuzestan can be the hub of safari in the Middle East
According to Kental Travel , tourism and investment expert Peyman Nabhani wrote in a note sent to ISNA : Safari is an exciting trip with the purpose of connecting with nature, studying animal and plant life, understanding the environment correctly, familiarizing with climatic conditions, The life of animals and beasts, the joy of living in the style of local communities and the acquisition of exciting experiences that can be achieved in an enjoyable journey to the heart of nature.

In this unique trip, in addition to sightseeing with special cars, you can also use horses, mules, donkeys, camels, bicycles, and boats, adding to the excitement of this trip.

This exciting tour to the heart of nature, which is done with various goals, such as watching natural landscapes and photographing animals in their habitats, visiting unknown and less-seen nature, deserts, deep seas, snowy mountains, rivers and waterways, wetlands and crater deltas. It also has rivers, beaches, wildlife and parks with special characteristics in its plans, and the sum of these items can make a dream trip for every tourist.

This type of travel in a province like Khuzestan is still not as well known as it should be, and it has been planned and implemented in the packages offered by limited travel service companies. Of course, the managers of travel service companies believe that one of the serious harms of this type of travel is due to the entry of non-specialists and non-committed people who conduct this type of travel without obtaining any permission and turn this branch of tourism into a disappointing experience. They make a trip with bitter memories. It cannot be ignored that the organizers of such unauthorized trips use any advertising method to attract customers and cause cultural conflicts with families and social challenges with the local communities of the travel destinations, and this issue is one of the main reasons for skepticism towards this type of travel. It is trips.

A fundamental factor that, if not diagnosed and the entry of these people is not prevented, will undoubtedly cause a decrease in public favor and destruction of the tourism economy.

The guardians of this type of unauthorized tours, in the face of legal conditions and obstacles created by regulations governing travel services to prevent rebellion and rebellion, have always used their own pressure forces on some sites and Instagram pages and by pumping destructive news. They try to create an extra-legal cover for their organizations.

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