Launch the first “National Geopark” in Fars Province

Launch the first "National Geopark" in Fars Province

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Launch the first “National Geopark” in Fars Province
The faculty member of the Geology Department of Payam University announced the launch of the first “National Geopark” for Fars called “Geopark Arjan-Parishan”.

Launch the first “National Geopark” in Fars Province
Reza Sadeghi said at a meeting of the Fars Governor’s Office of Pilgrims and Tourism Affairs with the International Evaluation and Member of the UNESCO World Geoparks: This meeting with the approach to implementing a research project with industry and community as “Introducing the Earthquake Potentials in the Suggested Airgun to Distress” has been held.

He continued: In this project, which took six months, Payam Noor Fars University was the executive and department of Fars Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts as an employer.

Sadeghi continued: With the implementation of such knowledge-based projects in the tourism industry, the branch of nature and subcategory “landfill or geotourism” not only provides the basis for the first “national geopark” for Fars called “Geopark Arjan-Coner-Purishan”, but also It will create new entrepreneurship in the green and clean tourism industry and will strengthen the province with the increase in the arrival of domestic and especially foreign tourists.

He noted that the provinces of Hormozgan, East Azerbaijan and South Khorasan have been able to reach national and even global registration with a targeted inter -organizational convergence than us, but Fars province with all its valuable tourism potentials. In various branches of natural, historical, cultural, religious, and so on, it has yet to play an operational role in this field.

The main member of the UNESCO World Geopark Approval and Approach and Expert in Iranian Geotourism also stated: Fars province is capable of having more than two urban and provincial geoparks, and this is the privilege that the two provinces may benefit from. Be.

Referring to the valuable plan made by Payam Noor Fars University, Amri Kazemi emphasized: If the relevant organizations in the province provide the necessary synergy and maintain their coordination result, it will not be denied any effort.
Mohammad Farrokhzadeh, the deputy governor of Fars, also promised that soon by forming a scientific-operational group of institutions related to the implementation of the project, including Payam Noor University, as well as a style sheet for launching Fars geoparks, cooperation and supervision in order to operate. It has done inter -organizational coordination and funding for Fars province to have this global trade badge in the field of tourism.

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