Mahvoo. Mahveh or Mahyaveh, in Arabic Meshavah, is one of the traditional foods of Jahorm, Gerash, Larestan, Bastak, Khanj and the southern region of Iran and Hormozgan.

“Mahveh” like “Ghahveh (coffee)”, sometimes also called “Mahyaveh” or “Muwyoh” in local dialect, is seen in the whole Hormozgan region, especially south of Fars and it is very common. Mahyaveh is a dark gray liquid with a sharp smell. Mahyaveh is very tasty, nutritious and rich in iodine. A good Mahyaveh is fragrant and yellow. In the past, it was kept inside a crock on the roof.

Recipe of Mahyaveh in Bandar Abbas

The word Mahyaveh

Apparently the words Mahveh and Mahyaveh are originally made of two words “Mahi (fish)” and “Ave” and means water.

Color and Taste:

Mahyaveh is a kind of a dark, salty, spicy watery food, made from a type of small fish called Muto, Moto or Hashineh (moomagh, sardine fish). And is served with bread or other foods, very nutritious and appetizing.

Nutritional benefits

Mahveh has a lot of phosphorus, calcium and fat, all obtained from the fish. Southern people say that the recipe of Mahveh or (Mahyaveh) was given by Ibn Sina, an Iranian physician and scientist or according to some, Bozorgmehr, Minister of Khosrow I. They believe that eating Mahveh, which also contains mustard, prevents skin disease (vitiligo).


Moto fish (dried): 500 grams    mustard: 500 grams

Fennel: 250 grams

Bitter orange peel 4-5 pcs

Coriander seed 250 grams

Salt as needed

A-With fish powder:

The said fishes are dried on the sand by the sea. If they want to use its powder, after it dries well, they pound the fish completely, sieve and separate the sand from it and then mix it with turmeric, pepper, fennel (thin and black seeds), coriander and mustard. Pound again and add it into water and salt, pour it into a jar or a special crock and close the container and place it in the sun for 20 to 30 days. The liquid provided in this way is relatively fluid and has a foul smell. Mahyaveh is served by spreading it on bread. Some eat it with rice.

B-With fish:

To have Mahyaveh with fish, first they wash some Moto or Hashineh dried fish, remove the head and put it into a crock, add about 2 kilograms salt and put it in the sun and stir it every day with a special wood. Then strain it, separate the water and throw out the scum. Then add some roasted mustard and crushed bitter orange peel on the liquid, turn it back to the crock, close the container and put it in the sun again for a few days and then use it.

Sorakh or Soragh:

In Bandar Abbas, they pour a mixture of Moomagh (Hashinah) fish, salt water, roses and bitter orange peel in a tin container to make it fragrant and call it Sorakh or Soragh. After it is ready, they strain its water and spread it on a bread and eat Soragh bread in their own words.

Recipe of Mahyaveh in Bandar Abbas

To make Mahyaveh, first they dry a type of small fish called Muto, Moto or Hashineh (Moomagh, sardine) with a length of 5 to 10 cm on the sand of the Persian Gulf shores. After drying, the fishes are thoroughly pounded and sieved.

It should be noted that in addition to its use in Bandar Abbas and Hormozgan province, Mahyave is also used in Garash and Larestan cities.

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