marine tourism line from Shahid Haqqani Bandar Abbas

marine tourism line from Shahid Haqqani Bandar Abbas
The director of Shahid Bahonar and East Hormozgan ports and shipping said: On the eve of Nowruz, 1402 marine tourism lines from Shahid Haqqani port to Hengam Island; An island of the Persian Gulf islands was launched near Qeshm.

Launching the marine tourism line from Shahid Haqqani Bandar Abbas to Hengama Island
According to Kental Iran Travel report, quoted by , Hamidreza Mohammad Hosseini Takhti added: “For the well-being of tourists and optimal use of the natural attractions of Hamgam Island, the sea tourism line of Shahid Haqqani Bandar Abbas Bandar has been started since March 20 this year.

Regarding how to register tourists to visit this island, he said: Nature lovers can go to and register their travel information to purchase tickets.

According to the director of Shahid Bahonar port; Until now, the sea route to travel to Hemga Island was only possible through Qeshm Island, and with the launch of this sea line, travelers and tourists can closely enjoy the amazing attractions and marine tourism capacities of Hemga Island as Dolphin Island.

Mohammad Hosseini Takhti, stating that paying attention to the touristic capacities of the islands is the basis for economic prosperity, added: Introducing more and more attractions of Hamga Island to the compatriots will be the basis for the prosperity of marine tourism and the expansion of the livelihood of the residents of this small island of Hormozgan.

Hanga Island is a small and spectacular island that is about 29 nautical miles away from Qeshm city and about 43 nautical miles away from Bandar Abbas.

The economic activity on the island, where most of the inhabitants have been engaged for a long time, has been fishing.

This beautiful island with a native and traditional face, unique beaches, playful dolphins, spectacular wildlife, spectacular groves, limestone mountains and a charming traditional market attracts many nature lovers.

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