Setting up a micro hotel in Iran

Setting up a micro hotel in Iran
The deputy of monitoring and evaluation of tourism services announced the possibility of setting up a micro-hotel in Iran.

Setting up a “micro hotel” in Iran
According to Isna’s Salam No report, Esmail Brat said about the establishment of a micro-hotel in Iran: the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts is determined to develop this industry with the approach of modernizing tourism, creating space for the private sector to operate using modern knowledge and Provide use of new and modern tools. Of course, the modernization of tourism has different dimensions and levels, but what we mean is to create the necessary conditions and platform for the development of creative and unique projects that suit today’s needs. Of course, this, like other tourism activities, should be done with a focus on sustainable development and no damage to the environment.

About the nature of micro-hotels, the deputy director of monitoring and evaluation of tourism services said: Tourism, like other industries, is rapidly developing and evolving. Microhotel is one of the achievements of technology in the field of accommodation. Micro-hotels are accommodation spaces with small dimensions and unique structures with attractive and luxurious architecture. Their space is designed in such a way that it has the necessary facilities and equipment to provide services to travelers and its implementation in tourism complexes such as highway complexes, tourist areas, airports, and passenger terminals where it is not possible to create a fixed structure due to the specific conditions of the region. It can meet the accommodation needs of tourists to a significant extent.

He said about the measures taken: Micro-hotels are diverse in the world, but in Iran, according to the culture, tradition and customs of the country, not all of them may be suitable, so the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts At the request of the private sector, this possibility has been provided, and now the possibility of issuing operating licenses has been created with the emphasis on the “location-orientedness” of such projects in the framework of the “JANA” system.

Brat also said: due to the newness of this project, it is currently possible to issue an activity license, but if it is accepted, technical and evaluation criteria will be developed for micro-hotels. Nevertheless, like other accommodation units, it is necessary to comply with general principles and provide favorable conditions for providing services to guests and travelers; Therefore, predicting the privacy of the residence and ensuring the complete security of passengers, complying with safety and health issues, providing toilets and bathrooms, cooling and heating systems, the process of accepting passengers and housekeeping are among the minimum items that must be paid attention to in the creation of such facilities.

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