Special Nowruz programs of Tehran Municipality were announced

Special Nowruz programs of Tehran Municipality were announced
The spokesperson of Tehran Municipality explained the special Nowruz programs of Tehran Municipality.

Special Nowruz programs of Tehran Municipality were announced
According to Salam No report, quoted by ISNA, Abdul Mutahar Mohammad Khani, regarding the special programs of Tehran Municipality on the occasion of Nowruz 1402 and its parallel with the holy month of Ramadan, said: Tehran City Beautification Organization, in addition to preparing the capital for the new year, intends to As in previous years, the program of painting and adding Nowruz symbols, including Haftsin, Sabzeh, Nowruz eggs, etc., will be implemented in the main squares of the city, but the difference this year compared to previous years is the inclusion of a large lighting program in the municipality’s agenda, such that 50 works of art in the form of light structures have been prepared by artists and performers in the field of light and urban lighting.

He stated that these light works are inspired by topics such as nature, New Year, Tehran, man, happiness and abstract art, and continued: These works are designed, made and installed in the form of an environmental arrangement in Bostan Mellat, which The festival of light “Beautiful Tehran” is the country’s biggest experience in the field of events in the design and construction of light structures, which can become an urban brand by the end of the holy month of Ramadan, and a beautiful image of the capital’s nights will be presented and become a memorable event. will be.

The beginning of the installation of the green refuge

Installation of the Arash Kamangir statue and the largest Saadi bronze statue

Referring to the Green Refuge project, he said: It is planned to remove the selected street and its iron guardrails in every area of Tehran and replace them with green plants under the Green Refuge project.

Referring to the installation of the “Saadi” statue next year, Mohammad Khani added: “We will install the largest bronze statue in the spring of 1402 on Saadi Street.” Also, the statue of Arash Kamangir will be installed in Venk Square. In addition, changes will be made in the entrance of Tehran, which will be done either in the east or in the south of Tehran, and these changes will be done as manifestations of the identity of the city of Tehran.

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