Statistics of tourists to Hazrat Masoumeh shrine

Statistics of tourists to Hazrat Masoumeh shrine
Head of Non-Iranian Pilgrims Department of Hazrat Masoumeh Shrine said: From the beginning of this year to the end of February, 6,427 international tourists from 82 countries visited the Holy Shrine of Ahl al-Bayt in Crimea.

Statistics of tourists to Hazrat Masoumeh shrine

Statistics of international tourists of Hazrat Masoumeh shrine this year
According to Kental Iran Travel report, quoted by IRNA, Kamal Soraya Ardakani added: Spain, Poland, Italy, America, Russia, Germany, Netherlands, France, Czech Republic and Brazil are the first 10 countries that have the most international tourists.

Referring to the number of international tourists from these 10 countries who visited the Crimean Ahlul Bayt shrine, he said: 1,265 people from Spain, 719 people from Poland, 664 people from Italy, 457 people from America, 453 people from Russia, 367 people from Germany, 204 people from the Netherlands, 196 people from France, 187 people from the Czech Republic and 147 people from Brazil entered the Holy Shrine.

He stated that many foreign tourists who enter the shrine through tourism tours or individually do not go to the International Affairs Department of the Holy Shrine, and said: this statistic is related to the groups that go to this office as soon as they enter the shrine to be accompanied by a linguist. they do and their information is recorded.

Ardakani pointed to the program of the Holy Shrine in the field of international tourists and said: In the field of international tourists, meetings and question-and-answer sessions for tourists’ questions are organized in the shrine’s international office located in the courtyard of Imam Hadi (a.s.).

He added: The introduction of the museum and the process of the tour of shrines will be implemented according to the culture and language of these tourists.

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