Tabatabaei Historical House

We know Kashan for art, culture and religion. Religious and cultured people who have left their buildings and arts as a relic for the whole world. Signs of soul strength and health can be found in all the surviving monuments of the ancient people of Kashan. The fragrant smell of the soil and the beauty of the old houses, the freshness of Fin historical garden of and the grand historic Bazaar are inseparable elements of the sublime architecture of the city and its culture, which was once the pathway of the silk road caravans. Hundreds of historical monuments and Imamzadehs are among the attractions and bring everyone to Kashan.

Among the monuments related to the old architecture of the city, what attracts all the tourists are its historical houses. Because houses are a part of the daily life of all people. Old houses are a symbol of peace and a place to live.

Where is Tabatabaei Historical House?

Tabatabaei historical house is one of the tourist attractions in Kashan. This house is located in Alavi Street, Sultan Ahmad neighborhood. Tabatabaei historical house is located near other attractions in Kashan, such as Borujerdi historical house and Imamzadeh Sultan Amir Ahmad.

The History of Tabatabaei Historical House

Tabatabaei historical house is like the bride of the historical houses of Iran, including the historical buildings and houses of Kashan. This house was built in Qajar period by a person named “Haj Seyyed Jafar Tabatabaei Natanzi”, one of the Natanzi merchants living in Kashan in Sultan Amir Ahmad neighborhood, and for this reason it is known as the Tabatabaei house. The architect of Tabatabaei house was Ali Maryam Kashani, who built it in 10 years. Borujerdi house and Aminoddole Caravanserai are also built by this master.

The plasterworks and paintings of Tabatabaei house were done by the students of Sani al Mulk, under his supervision. Since the owner of this house was in the carpet business, the patterns of the plasterworks were inspired by Iranian carpet patterns and arabesque flowers and birds.

Tabatabaei historical house was purchased by The Board of Trustees of Restoration and Revival of Kashan Historical Buildings and was renovated according to its original and initial plan in the years 1995 to 1997 with the cooperation of Kashan Municipality and Cultural Heritage and the support of the then officials of the Ministry of Industries and Mines. This house registered in Iran national heritage list under number 1504. Tabatabaei historical complex is currently managed under the supervision of the Urban planning department in Kashan and welcomes many enthusiasts and fans of authentic and traditional Iranian architecture.

The Architecture of Tabatabaei Historical House

Tabatabaei house, like other historical buildings of that time, has architectural originality, suitable design for the specific culture and climate of the region, and luxurious and magnificent decorations. As soon as you walk into the vestibule of this magnificent house, a cool pleasant breeze will caress your face and pulls you into the house. If you go down 20 steps from the staircase in front of you, you will reach the beautiful and wide yard of the house. The stunning yard will nail you to your place for a second. A beautiful and large pond from side to side the yard and goldfish following each other in the clear water. On either side of the large pond, there are 6 octagonal gardens full of beautiful flowers that double the freshness of the yard.

In the construction of the old houses of Kashan, the climate and weather conditions have been considered in a principled and scientific manner, meanwhile they have a kind of hijab-care and protected design in terms of adherence to religious and Islamic beliefs. This means that the interior of the house is not visible from outside, even from the neighboring roofs. Also different parts of the house are not visible from the other parts.

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