The details of the Tehran tourism exhibition were announced

The Director General of the Domestic Tourism Development Office said: “Tehran International Tourism Fair is being held in a situation where the situation of the tourism industry is deteriorating and some people were against its establishment, but this exhibition will be held with the presence of representatives of a number of countries in order to preserve the image of Iran.”

The details of the Tehran tourism exhibition were announced
Referring to the details of the 16th Iran Tourism Exhibition, which will be held from 18 to 21 February at the Tehran International Exhibition Center, Mustafa Fatemi stated: This year, by holding the Tehran International Tourism Exhibition, we tried to improve the face of Iran’s tourism. keep The state of the tourism industry was not good, even considering the increase in costs and economic and livelihood problems, many were of the opinion that it would be better not to hold the exhibition this year, but others thought that the exhibition could stimulate travel and the economy, according to the opinions Jami decided to hold this year’s tourism exhibition. We hope to make a positive impact on Iran’s travel and tourism brand.

He continued: In this year’s exhibition, the booths and halls are grouped according to tourism axes and poles, including the axis of Persia, Northwest and West, Khorasan, Persian Gulf and Caspian, each of which has a separate target market and while they can complement each other and will naturally make the visits easier for the participants and visitors, provide conditions for the provinces to synergize in each region according to the axis and pole in which they are located. This is the same procedure that is implemented in international tourism exhibitions of other countries. We were planning to use such a scheme every year, but we were facing problems. Anyway, this year we are closer to our goal.

Fatemi added: In addition to the axes and poles of tourism, in this year’s exhibition, we have dedicated halls to health tourism, holy defense and sports, excitement and adventure tourism. In addition to that, like every year, a part of the name is dedicated to the equipment of hotel and tourism facilities.

Director General of the Domestic Tourism Development Office in the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts regarding the participation of foreign countries in this year’s exhibition in Tehran, taking into account the fact that some countries have restricted travel to Iran, said: the participation of foreign participants this year has been significant, we are from continents Asia, Europe and Africa are participants according to the negotiations that have been done and through the coordination that cultural and commercial consultants have had. In a way, it can be said that the international aspect of the exhibition will be more prominent this year, about a thousand meters of useful space will be allocated to foreign companies, and representatives from Malaysia, Japan, Russia, Qatar, Turkey, Iraq and Venezuela will be present at this year’s exhibition.

Referring to the increase in the space of this year’s exhibition, he said: Last year, the entire tourism exhibition had approximately 30 thousand square meters of useful space, while this year 67 thousand square meters of hall have been dedicated to the tourism exhibition, which is almost completed. The reception of domestic companies this year was really good and the size of the tourism exhibition has never been as large as this year.

Fatemi added: In addition to this year’s exhibition, a number of halls will be dedicated to handicrafts.

The Director General of the Tourism Development Office continued: Every year, the tourism exhibition is held simultaneously with the gold and jewelry exhibition, and this year, negotiations have been made with the Development and Trade Organization as the person in charge of the exhibitions in Tehran, so that the exhibition will be moved at that time, and almost a large area of the Tehran International Exhibition is under the burden of the exhibition. Tourism goes.

Fatemi also stated about imposing restrictions on the controversial food section in this year’s tourism exhibition, which has always been accompanied by criticisms: The basis for this year was that the cooking section would not be the same as before, so we removed it completely. Although it may reduce the number of participants in this sector, our goal is to give more weight to the tourism fair and we hope we have made the right decision. Of course, the food supply sector as well as food tourism are topics that have been discussed and there is no problem in this sector.

He said about the use of music in the 16th tourism exhibition, which has its own fans and has led to more acceptance of this exhibition in some periods: This year’s program is to replace the characters and personalities known in tourism with music, this is a The decision is new; We have many people who are the personality of tourism and attraction, and because every year the specialized section of the exhibition considered the noise of the music as an obstacle to the activity, this year the section of personalities will be taken more seriously, because we believe that people make the structure of our tourism and we intend to have a kind of festival of characters. to hold I think it will be different from the ideas planned for this year’s exhibition.

He also said: In this year’s exhibition, for the first time, municipalities have approached tourism activists and wanted to participate in the exhibition. This has not been the case so far, and they usually have an economic view of such events. This move can be the basis for the following years.

Pointing to the coincidence of this year’s exhibition with the tourism capital event of ECO member countries in Ardabil, Fatemi announced that the first day of the opening ceremony of Tehran International Tourism Exhibition will also be dedicated to this event.

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