The high capacities of Behabad city in the field of tourism

The high capacities of Behabad city in the field of tourism
Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Yazd province, referring to the high capacities of Behabad city in the field of tourism, announced: Geopark Bahabad will be registered nationally next year and world registered in three years.

The high capacities of Behabad city in the field of tourism

The high capacities of Behabad city in the field of tourism / Geopark of Bahabad are registered nationally and internationally
According to Kental Iran Travel report, quoted by ISNA, Ahmad Akhundi while announcing this news at the third meeting of Nowruz travel services headquarters 1402 of Behabad city, which was held on Tuesday in the governorate of this city, said that the holy month of Ramadan is ahead and it coincides with Nowruz days. He pointed out and emphasized the necessity of observing Islamic affairs.

He stated: The instructions on how to provide services to guilds will be announced in the coming days and promotional brochures will be distributed among tourists and New Year travelers.

Akhundi announced the holding of “Passenger Helper Campaign” during Nowruz Eid in Yazd province and said: “Comprehensive services and elimination of deficiencies will be provided in the form of “Passenger Helper Campaign” in the province.

He pointed out: Municipalities play the main role in creating urban space in order to introduce the city and welcome the ancient Nowruz festival, and it is necessary to be diligent in this field.

The Director General of Cultural Heritage and Handicrafts of the province stated that every year during the month of Ramadan and Nowruz Eid in the province and even the country, we face two major challenges, one is maintaining chastity and hijab and the other is fasting in front of the general public. In this context, they should manage these two challenges in a correct way.

In this meeting, Alireza Timuri, the governor of Bahabad, pointed out the importance of providing services to travelers and tourists during Nowruz and stated: monitoring teams and special patrols during Nowruz trips should be planned continuously and periodically so that in all fields, monitoring and send the executive evaluation and its continuous report.
He also mentioned the symmetry of the holy month of Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr, and pointed out the capacities of Behabad city in the field of tourism and announced the launch of Allameh Mala Abdallah Bahabadi sahib “Hashieh” congress next year hosted by the city.

“Hassan Amini Bahabadi”, the head of the cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts department of Behabad city, also said in this meeting: Nowruz days are a very good opportunity to introduce the attractions, capabilities and capabilities of this city.

He reminded: We hope to be a good host for tourists with the interaction and cooperation of all staff members.

Amini said: The creation of emergency stations, the location of accommodation for Nowruz travelers and the provision of security bases for Nowruz accommodation were among the issues that were discussed in this meeting.

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