The impact of “travel card” on tourism recession

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The impact of “travel card” on tourism recession
Corona restrictions since Nowruz 2019 caused many challenges to tourism activists, many tourism facilities suffered a lot of damage due to stagnation and successive closures during the Corona period, but this year we hoped that travel would flourish and the activists in this field would be able to return after a few days. The consecutive years of recession are able to earn a decent income, but it seems that the challenges do not end

The impact of "travel card" on tourism recession

The impact of “travel card” on tourism recession
According to the report of Salam No, quoted by Isna, we all know that most trips to tourist destinations take place in the summer season and during Nowruz, there was a significant increase in trips during Nowruz and the current summer, but it seems that these trips could not reduce the damages that to compensate the tourism facilities in these years.

According to government approvals, it was decided that Iranian families will be given 30 million tomans travel cards so that they can use this privilege to encourage people to visit Iran and also make travel cheaper using this plan. The tourism industry has gone into a coma.

In general, the economic status of households is one of the important issues in the discussion of travel. If a family is struggling with financial problems, travel will definitely not be among the priorities of that household. Therefore, making it cheaper and providing subsidized facilities to these households can improve the travel conditions for all families. provide Iranian

Another noteworthy point in the discussion of Nowruz and summer trips is that most Iranian families travel by private car and use schools, tents and guesthouses for accommodation, or finally find accommodation for a few nights in an eco-tourism resort, so This issue cannot help tourism activists in earning income and prosperity in tourism facilities.

Another issue that should be considered in the discussion of domestic trips with travel agency tours is that the cost of domestic tours is much more expensive than foreign tours, and this makes people choose foreign tours for travel.

The method of granting travel cards to Iranian families does not boost tourism

Fakhruddin Hosseini, the manager of one of the Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari travel agencies, in an interview with ISNA, stated that the expectation of a boom in the tourism sector in the country and consequently in the province, due to the economic conditions and the chaotic social situation during Nowruz, is almost far from expected. Kurd: People are not in the mood to travel, and in the last few months we have seen stagnation in the tourism sector.

He added: The government’s proposal to encourage people to travel and tourism during Nowruz is a travel card in the amount of 30 million tomans. Was.

Hosseini stated that taking over the responsibility of a parent company specialized in tourism will create problems in the issue of granting travel cards to families, and said: the method of granting these travel cards has not yet been determined, but it seems that this cost will not bring profit to travel agencies and tourism activists. It will not have much effect on the tourism boom.

This manager of a travel agency in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari explained: If the travel card is not paid directly to the household, we will witness brokering in the meantime. If these cards are divided equally among the travel agencies based on the quota of each province, they can do this. bring real travelers and profit for tourism activists.

Stating that the cost of domestic travel tours in Iran is much higher than foreign tours to neighboring countries, he reminded: for example, the cost of a trip to Kish for a 4-night stay in a four-star hotel in the second half of Bahman is about 10 million tomans. It is per person, while the cost of a 7-day tour to Georgia is about 6 million Tomans these days.

Hosseini added: Also, the cost of a 7-day tour to Istanbul is 12 million Tomans, and travelers on foreign trips can use the best travel and tourism services without any restrictions.

People who travel by private car cannot use a travel card

Sajjad Abbasian, the director of one of the travel agencies in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, in an interview with ISNA, pointed out that travel agencies are the frontline of the tourism industry, and stated that the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism is discussing granting travel cards to Iranian families for several days. Nowruz has announced, but there are many uncertainties in the implementation of this plan.

He stated: If rent is created in granting travel cards to Iranian households, it cannot be said that this plan will bring prosperity in tourism. The cards should be available to travel agencies that are in direct contact with hoteliers and other operators in this field.

Stating that a small number of tourists welcome land, air and rail travel tours, Abbasian said: these people generally travel by private car and use schools, office guest houses and small local residences for accommodation, so they cannot Use travel card.

The manager of the travel agency in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari said: The travel traffic is good during Nowruz and summer and most of the hotels complete their capacity, but it can be said that tourism in the country is booming when we see travel in all the days of the year.

In the end, he emphasized: if it is a cost

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