The income of Kish from the presence of foreign tourists in 1401

The income of Kish from the presence of foreign tourists in 1401
The vice president of Kish Azad Region Tourism Organization said: this year, this island earned $12 million from the presence of 2,671 foreign tourists.

The income of Kish from the presence of foreign tourists in 1401
According to Kental Iran Travel report, quoted by IRNA, Morteza Ramezani Galashi, the head of Kish Azad Region organization, told reporters on Sunday in a press conference: This year, one million and 820 thousand passengers have entered Kish Island, which is an increase compared to the same period last year. It has about seven percent.

He stated that 20,671 of the travelers entering Kish Island this year are foreign tourists and added: With the presence of this number of foreign tourists in Kish Island, about 4,360 billion Rials are equivalent to 12 million dollars (compared to average dollar rate this year) is the income earned by tourism activists of this island.

Ramezani Galashi stated that on average every foreign tourist spent 210 million rials on Kish Island and added: One of the approaches of the Free Zone Organization is to attract foreign tourists and this policy will be followed next year as well.

Implementation of 68 tourism projects

He mentioned that Kish currently has 68 investment projects with 600 thousand billion rials of private sector investment: hotels make up 47 of these projects, which have 9,400 rooms with 20,000 beds.

The vice president of tourism of the Kish Free Zone Organization added: “There are 21 other projects with mixed uses of tourism, recreation and tourism, which the Kish Free Zone Organization in cooperation with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism has allocated 150 thousand billion Rials for 15 half-finished projects of this sector. He has applied from Note 18 of the budget law.
He also pointed to the other functions of this deputy and said: holding 19 exhibitions, making preparations for handing over eight investment projects worth four thousand billion Rials, filing eight intangible cultural heritage registration cases and the case of the historical aqueduct of the island in the list of national monuments among these measures. Is.

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