The time of holding the tourism rally in Reagan

The time of holding the tourism rally in Reagan
According to Kental Travel News report, quoted by Isna, Amir Ebrahimi announced this news today on 10th of Bahman, stating that considering that the highest sand dunes with a height of more than 75 meters and an area of 30 square kilometers are located in Reagan city, this capacity can be the best. opportunity to attract tourists to the city.

Director of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Regan city added: Holding various programs including rally and car races has been able to bring us closer to this goal. Islamic, nomadic administration, etc. are held.

He continued: Those who are interested in participating in these competitions can contact or contact the General Directorate of Sports and Youth of Kerman Province, Automobile Racing Department.

Ebrahimi further announced the holding of camel riding competitions as well as joyous battles on the sidelines of rally competitions and said: We are trying to organize such programs continuously throughout the year to create a spirit of enthusiasm and cheerfulness in the people.

He pointed out: In addition to the Regan dunes, which have healing properties, Regan city has other attractions such as Nebka trees (natural flower pots), Shah Khursheed’s tomb, citrus and Nakhilat gardens, etc., which can host tourists from all over the country.

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