tourism of Qeshm from the point of view of the Japanese ambassador

tourism of Qeshm from the point of view of the Japanese ambassador
The ambassador of Japan in Iran said: Qeshm Island has more capabilities and economic and tourism attractions than other islands in the Persian Gulf, which distinguishes it in the region.

tourism of Qeshm from the point of view of the Japanese ambassador

Economic and tourism attractions of Qeshm from the point of view of the Japanese ambassador
According to Kental Travel report, quoted by Isna, Kazu Toshi Aikawa this morning (February 26) in a meeting with the CEO of the Qeshm Free Zone Organization, stated: Qeshm Island and the Strait of Hormuz, due to the daily traffic of commercial ships in the region, in terms of energy supply and A special economic view is very important for Japan.

The ambassador of Japan in our country further stated that the purpose of this trip is to examine the capacities and capabilities of Qeshm Island in order to speed up the development of cooperation between the two sides in the near future.

Aikawa stated: Finding out how the Qeshm master plan project is implemented by JICA and checking the level of cooperation of the local community in preserving the environment and developing the island was another goal of the trip to Qeshm.

The CEO of Qeshm Free Zone Organization added in this meeting: Qeshm Island can be a good destination for foreign investors and tourists due to its numerous economic and tourism capacities.

Afshar Fath Elahi stated: Qeshm Island, as the largest non-independent island in the world, has many capacities in terms of tourism, oil and energy, and investment opportunities.

He continued: This island can play a very useful role in the development of economic and trade relations between Iran and Japan due to its presence in the strategic Strait of Hormuz and its capacities.

The CEO of Qeshm Free Zone Organization emphasized: commercial ports, international airport and highway network are part of the infrastructure needed for economic activities that exist in Qeshm Island and in the near future, after the construction of the Persian Gulf Bridge, the region will witness further development. we will be

According to Fath Elahi, the possibility of ownership for foreign companies, a 20-year tax exemption, the possibility of the movement of nationals of other countries without the need for a visa, special customs facilities for the import of machinery and raw materials, along with cheap energy and labor, are the most important economic features of the region. Azad Qeshm, which can attract the attention of Japanese investors and producers.

He clarified: In the Qeshm Free Zone, if there is a will on the Japanese side, it is possible to develop economic cooperation in various fields.

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