Travel statistics of foreign tourists to Zanjan

Travel statistics of foreign tourists to Zanjan
The Deputy Coordinator of Civil Affairs of Zanjan Governor said: According to the statistics of the last 10 months, 70 thousand domestic travelers and 1,200 foreign tourists visited different places and areas of the province.

Travel statistics of foreign tourists to Zanjan
According to Kental Travel, quoted by IRNA, Seyyed Mohammad Shua’i added on Wednesday at the first meeting of the Zanjan travel services headquarters this year: “It is better to compare the number of passengers arriving with other provinces so that we know where it is.” We have and the necessary planning should be done in this field.

He added: Although in this regard, the travel order has been announced, but according to the weather conditions of the province, minor changes should be considered in order to provide services to travelers and tourists in a favorable way.

The Deputy Coordinator of Civil Affairs of Zanjan Governor pointed out that Nowruz coincides with the month of Ramadan next year and said: Nowruz trips are expected to start earlier than March 15, so the service providers must be ready and take necessary measures regarding travel and passengers. give

He stated that in order to increase the arrival of tourists to the province, one should move away from clichéd activities and move towards attractive programs. something special needs to be introduced and recognized.

The deputy governor of Zanjan continued: No matter how much is said about the Soltanieh World Dome, it is not enough and several day tours should be considered in this field because it is effective from different dimensions.

He stated that in the month of Ramadan this year due to tourism and travel activities, the preservation of Islamic affairs should be taken into consideration, he added: unlike the previous years, the cities will not be quiet in the upcoming Nowruz, and on this basis, the action plan should be announced. Consider different devices, new works, especially eco-tours with new creations.
Shua’i pointed out that the issue of tourism in the province is particularly important because it causes the economic growth of the province, so the responsible agencies should use creative approaches in this area, which will be reviewed after the Nowruz holidays.

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