Where Can I See a Sea of Clouds in Iran? + Video

Where Can I See a Sea of Clouds in Iran? + Video

in this content from Kental Travel 5 of the most beautiful places where if you’re lucky, you can get to enjoy watching a sea of clouds!

  1. Filband, Mazandaran Province

The closest sea of clouds to Tehran is Filband. Getting to see an ocean of clouds is a matter of chance, but in some places, in some seasons, you have more chances to see this ocean. Filband’s weather changes a lot during autumn and spring, make sure you don’t miss visiting Chelav forest in Sang Chal when traveling to Filband.

  1. Subatan, Talesh, Gilan

If you wanna feel like you’re right in the middle of the sky, go to Subatan, you can take the most amazing pictures there with the clouds, Rivoo waterfall is also close to Subatan, you can go there and have a nice time.

  1. Olesbelangah, Masal, Gilan

Masal means hornbeam tree on a high altitude in Talshi dialect, Olesbelangah is one of Masal’s yaylaks and there isn’t any word to describe this place but dreamy! Colorful huts in a green plain, above the clouds, what more could you want? Saravan forest park and Gissoom forest are other attractions of Masal.

  1. Owpart, Semnan and Mazandaran Border

Owpart or Opart is the strange border between the forest and the desert, spring and summer are the best time to travel to Owpart. Colorful spring or Badab Soort is close to Owpart, you can go and enjoy it as well.

  1. Derazno Village, Kordkuy, Golestan

The heights of Derazno are great for paragliding. Derazno is one of the best resorts in summer it has a windy forest road, so you should keep your eyes open, but then you’ll reach a large sea of clouds which seems more like a dream than reality.

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