Where did the payment of 30 million Tomans travel?

Where did the payment of 30 million Tomans travel?
The CEO of the Mother of Tourism Development and Tourism Development Company explained the payment of “travel loans” and finally the “toilets” and “production” projects in cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts.

Where did the payment of 30 million Tomans travel?

Where did the payment of 1 million Tomans travel?
Kental Travel news : Ruhollah Hosseinzadeh said about paying a loan of 5 million Tomans from note 1, which he had promised before, said: “The implementation of the project is waiting for the facility of Note 2, but the figure has not yet been announced. Is. These facilities only include government employees because they need a certificate of deduction. So far, it has been agreed with about 5 government agencies, and as soon as the facilities are allocated to note 2, that amount will be made available to the operating bank and employees can purchase travel services.

Referring to the preparation of the “Iran Travel” platform, which is being set up to boost cheap trips, he told ISNA: “The platform has been prepared with the introduction of 6,000 tourist attractions and the applicant can travel to his or her trip to the cost. Plan. The project goes with one of the banks that invests good and will certainly participate after the unveiling. The project also contributes to private companies, which in principle buy services from this platform.

The CEO of the Mother of Tourism and Tourism Development Company also announced the pursuit of a plan to allocate travel facilities from the subsidies to the three lower deciles of the community, adding that it has been suggested that, like Arbaeen facilities, about two to five million tomans per person per person. Allocate the location of subsidies, travel loans. Of course, this plan is currently in the process of designing the subject and following the initial follow -up.

Hosseinzadeh also said about the health project that has been transferred by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Crafts and has been in uncertainty after two decades: “We have no budget yet, but for some of They have been located and we are going to have a new design, because the previous designs were difficult and not economical. The intercontinental or toilet complex was built and operated, but the operator could not maintain or make money, so we changed the economic type of these projects.

He added: “It is difficult to locate interdisciplinary complexes and sanitary facilities, it is a land of land, part of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, and sometimes the land is unavailable and unavailable.” The failure of the toilets plan was due to the wrong places. We are looking for the right place.

The director of the Mother of Tourism and Tourism Development Company stated that the project of sanitary facilities and intercontinental complexes was approved by the year, which was to be built one thousand toilets and complexes. The complex has been completed 2 to 5, which costs 1 to 2 billion tomans per one.

Hosseinzadeh further said about the implementation of the productivity project: In the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Crafts, due to the form of mission and work, this is a specialized parent company for the development of tourism and tourism that should be on the issue of productivity. There is productivity in every device and all government agencies have this space. There is a large number of real estate available in the Ministry of Economy. If the details of the productive plan are found, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Crafts will probably be involved; Because it has two settlements and the main part of the productivity field is in the settlement companies.

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