Where did the world registration file of “Hegmatane and Hamadan” end up?

Where did the world registration file of “Hegmatane and Hamadan” end up?

According to Kental Travel report, quoted by Isna, Ali Darabi said: “Hegmataneh and Hamedan Historical Center” world registration file includes the ancient area of Hegmetaneh, the central square of the city, the historical market of Hamedan, the tomb of Bu Ali Sina and the historical streets of this area.

He said: We hope that the global registration of this case will be realized with the participation of all local officials, citizens and residents of the historical city of Hamadan in the near future.

Earlier, Ali Darabi said at the meeting of Hamadan Province Cultural Heritage Association members: Every year, each country has a quota for global registration, and Iran’s quota for the next year will be the file “Cultural and Historical Landscape from Hegmatane to Hamadan”. Iran has 26 works of world registration and this year, we had the “caravansera” case, which was canceled due to the war between Ukraine and Russia.

According to the General Director of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Hamedan, according to the procedure of reviewing the files that are placed in the UNESCO world registration, UNESCO evaluators will be present in Hamedan in July of next year.

The extent of “cultural and historical landscape from Hegmatane to Hamedan” in this case is considered to be about 100 hectares, which includes Hegmatane hill, bazaar, fabric and 140 historical works. And the sidewalks of Hamedan city should be preserved.

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