Where to Go in Tehran with Kids to Have Fun?

Where to Go in Tehran with Kids to Have Fun?

In this episode, together we visit places that if you go there with kids, they’ll have fun as much as the adults. So watch this video until the end.

  1. Doctor Land & Human Park, Iran Wildlife and Nature Museum – Dar Abad

The first cool place is Human Park, where children can travel deep inside the body and get to know the different parts of the body closely. Doctor Land is a recreational hospital and those who want to become a doctor or nurse can get to know different departments of the hospital there.


  1. Jurassic Park, End of Shaqayeq Blvd, Behrood Square, Sa’adat Abad

It may sound scary at first, but kids are gonna love Jurassic Park because of their curiosity. There are more than 60 moving replicas from dinosaurs to insects in this park, which makes a different interesting experience for both children and adults.


  1. Sand Land, Ekbatan Phase 2, Mega Mall, First Floor

Sand Land is a place where children can play with sand in a safe covered space next to others. Sand Land has some cool workshops, such as architecture workshop, mini-tambour classes and many other programs that help children’s creativity develop.


  1. LiLiPot Playhouse, Next to City Hall, Ordibehesht St, W 196 St, Bagheri Southern Expressway, Tehranpars 

If you want children to get acquainted with various jobs and professions, take them to LiLiPot Playhouse, which is Iran’s first business city.

5.     Baazyaaft (Recycle) Park, Bastanipoor St, Dastvareh Blvd, W Azadegan Expr

In Recycle Park, there are cool sculptures made with recycled and disposable materials, which teaches recycling to children and in a way helps to develop their creativity.

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