Kish Island

Kish Island is one of Iran’s beautiful islands in the Persian Gulf and recently, efforts have been made to make it a tourism hub. Many families travel to Kish to spend a memorable vacation and use the happy recreational programs provided on this tourist island.

Kish Island Introduction

Kish Island is one of the islands of the Persian Gulf, a part of Kish Borough in Bandare Lengeh County in Hormozgan Province, which is bounded from the east by the Strait of Hormuz, from the south by UAE, and from the west to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Kish citizens are called Kish-vand.

According to historical books, Kish Island has been a part of Iran since the Achaemenid era and then Parthian and Sasanian. At the time of the spread of Islam, it was captured by the Umayyad caliphs. Until in 863, one of the Ray people went against the Caliph and carries the entire Persian Gulf islands, including Kish, back to Iran. According to evidences, this coral island was flourish in the Ghaznavid, Seljuq, Anushtegin and Mongol eras as the commercial center of the Persian Gulf. In 1970, Kish was selected as an international tourist area, and in 1982 it was named Iran’s first free economic zone.

One thing that has been said about Kish Island’s appellation is that in the aboriginal dialect, “Kish” refers to a deep channel where the aqueduct water exits; Especially since this area is the only Persian Gulf island with fresh water aqueduct. In another record, “Keis” or “Qeis” were the names of the island.

Kish Weather

Kish Island has a hot, humid climate with more rainfall in the winter months. The average annual temperature of the island is estimated at 26 °C, and the temperature difference in different months of the year is very little. So, the best time for traveling to Kish is late December through late April. Many tourists even travel to Kish in May; because the humidity is not high yet, and there is a cool breeze at night every once in a while, and the sea water temperature is still suitable for swimming. Although, many tourists still travel to this beautiful island in summer despite the high temperature and humidity; because various common water sports make the heat bearable. Therefore, Kish could be considered as one of the four-season destinations of Iran.

Kish Attractions

Every year, many tourists come to Kish Island to visit the attractions, do exciting recreational activities, and visit several shopping centers. Given that Kish is a free economic zone and foreigners do not need a visa to enter it, many foreign tourists visit the island as well.

Historical and cultural attractions in Kish

Some of the most famous historical attractions of Kish are Greek Wreckage, The 2,500-year-old Kariz underground city, and Harireh ancient city.

Recreational attractions in Kish

Water recreations are an exciting part of the Kish Island trip, and if you like activities like watercraft, pedal boat, diving, Parasailing, etc. You can visit The Grand Pier and in addition to walking on the pier, seeing the clear water of the Persian Gulf, you can enjoy the sandy beach and its indescribable tranquility, you can make the most of the various water sports clubs, cafes and restaurants by the pier.

If you like to watch different types of aquatic life such as corals, fish, crabs, yachts closely, and enjoy exploring the great beauty of the sea, get on an aquarium ship or visit the Kish Aquarium.

Cycling around the island is also one of the most popular activities in Kish.