Yazd Historic District

تور یزد
Yazd Historic District

The historic district of Yazd is one of the most intact residential areas in Iran’s history with an area of about 700 hectares. This historic district is considered as one of the best attractions in Yazd which is a balanced combination of houses, old adobe alleys and sabats (a structure that shades alleys) and has many historical monuments in its heart. In this historic district, all facilities for social and individual life are provided. The historic district of Yazd is limited to Kashani Street from the south, Dolat Abad Street from the north, Fahaadaan neighborhood from the east, and Motahari Street from the west. There are more than 1700 adobe buildings in this historic district.

History of Yazd Historic District

Yazd was known as “Yazdan” in the mythological history of Iran and in Pishdadian dynasty period. This city was considered a holy city from the mythological age of Iran, which was the place of gods and worship. During the Sasanian period, Yazd city belonged to Yazdegerd and was also known as Yazdgerdi. This city was also known as “Kathe” in a period of history.

Yazd architecture is a legacy of parts of Iran’s historical and traditional architecture in the desert cities. The historic district of this city is rooted in the ancient history of Iran; however, the monuments and buildings that have been discovered in this area date the city back to the 1st and 2nd centuries AH.

Tourist Attractions in Yazd Historic District

Yazd historic district is an area of adobe and clay. There are 1700 attractions in this historic district. Many domestic and foreign tourists travel to Yazd to see the historic district and its sights. The historic district of the city is old and adobe; but it has all the life facilities in it.

In the historic district of Yazd, houses are built with special desert architecture. The characteristic of this type of architecture is dome, windcatcher and cistern in the houses. The houses have winter and summer use, and their special and attractive roofs are intended for summer nights. The houses have unique and beautiful yards that attract visitors. The adobe and narrow conciliation (Ashti Konan) alleys with attractive architecture, numerous restaurants, various lodges and hotels, Jameh Mosque of Yazd, desert Ab Anbars (cistern) such as Shesh Badgir Ab Anbar, Amir Chakhmaq Complex and bazaar are examples of the sights of Yazd historic district which have an attractive perspective for tourists.

Ilkhanate houses of Yazd historic district are very attractive for tourists and are still habitable. Chahar Menar or Mir Khezr Shah Mosque, Shamsuddin tomb, Kuche Bandun Ab Anbar and Dowlat Abad Garden are other historical buildings of the old district of Yazd.

The Map of Yazd Historic District

Yazd historic district includes a part of Yazd city which is made with adobe and clay architecture and includes certain neighborhoods. Among the distinctive features of this part of Yazd are its domes and windcatchers that give a special view to the city.

The Architecture of Houses of Historic District in Yazd

Yazd historic district has a unique architecture. The architecture of Yazd’s historic houses is clay and adobe and is considered the main feature of this type of architecture. In the architecture of Yazd historic district houses, the direction of wind and sun have been considered. Each of the houses in Yazd historic district includes different parts, such as the outer part, inner part, bedroom, hall, vestibule, separate rooms with different uses, windcatcher, portal, kitchen and Ab Anbar.

تور یزد

The most attractive part of Yazd’s historic houses is their natural ventilation systems, which are also known as windcatchers. Windcatchers are columns made in polygonal form. These columns are quadrangular or octagonal, built to allow wind to enter the buildings. The wind enters the column through the vents and is directed inside the building.

تور یزد
Ab Anbar (Cistern)

Ab Anbars are considered to be another special and attractive part in architecture of Yazd historic district houses.