List of ski pistes in Iran

List of ski pistes in Iran

List of ski pistes in Iran

Iran is a vast land, and every corner has different weather conditions. Some of its areas are desert and dry, some are humid and temperate, and some are mountainous. The presence of two high mountain ranges, Alborz and Zagros, and their high peaks are covered with snow on many days of the year. This has created excellent conditions for those interested in the exciting sport of skiing.

Ski pistes in Iran host many skiing enthusiasts from different countries to have fun in this area every year.

Continue with Kentaltravel to briefly introduce ski pistes in Iran.

Some of Ski Pistes in Iran

Tochal International Ski Resort

The resort area has three different pistes. The first piste starts at an altitude of 3,850 meters and continues to the hotel located at an altitude of 3,550 meters. Actually, the length of the piste is 1200 meters.

Among the facilities of this complex, we can mention its ski lift. Of course, you can use Tochal International Ski Resort to reach all the pistes of the Tochal complex.

This piste is one of the first ski pistes in Iran that is covered with snow and can be used from mid-autumn.

Abali Ski Resort

Abali is the oldest ski pistes in Iran and is located in Tehran province.

This complex has five ski pistes equipped with cable cars and ski lifts. This complex has other facilities such as a tennis court, horse riding, kite jumping, a hotel, a restaurant, and medical assistance.

Khur Ski Resort

Next to the Karaj Dam, there is an ancient village called Khur, where Khur Ski Resort was established. This track is located at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level and has 1850 and 300 meters routes.

To reach Khur Ski Resort, it is enough to drive 23 km on the side road from Chalus road. A ski lift is also built on this piste.

Alvarez Ski Resort

Alvares Ski Resort is one of ski pistes in Iran located on the slopes of Sablan, 12 kilometers from Alvares village and 24 kilometers from Sareyn city.

Since it is located at an altitude of 3200 meters above sea level, it is full of snow during autumn and winter and is used for about six to eight months of the year. Also, it has facilities such as a lift and cable car to climb the mountain.

Pooladkaf Ski Resort

This complex has earned the title of the second-largest international ski resort in Iran. It is located in Sepidan, which is 85 km from Shiraz.

Pooladkaf Ski Resort can be used in four seasons of the year and is located 2,850 meters above sea level.

The facilities of Pooladkaf Ski Resort include cable car, ski lift, restaurant, fast food, coffee shop, guest house, hotel, snowmobiles, mountain cars, smart wheels, pedal boats, horse riding, cycling, and equipment store.



Tarik Darreh Ski Resort

Tarik Darreh Ski Resort is one of ski pistes in Iran, 10 kilometers southwest of Ganjnameh, Hamadan city, next to the slopes of Alvand mountain.

This complex is 1600 meters long. In this complex, there is a lift and a ski lift. It has a shelter and guest house with an infrastructure of 550 square meters, a dormitory, a restaurant, a ski school, and emergency power facilities.

When the weather in Hamedan is enjoyable in the summer, it is possible to ski on the grass in a land of 5000 square meters equipped with a ski lift.

Nesar Ski Resort

Nesar Ski Resort is one of Iran’s ski resorts located in Bijar city of Kurdistan province. This piste has easy access and a beautiful view of the city.

One of its features is its low entry price and training courses. Among the complex’s facilities, we can mention the ski lift, grass track, parking lot, hotel, and restaurant.

Chelgerd ski resort

Chelgerd ski resort is one of the most well-known and famous Zagros ski pistes in Iran, which is very old and was built in 1354.

This ski resort is located in the vicinity of the tunnel of Kohrang city and in the eastern part of the mountain. It is 800 meters long and has a 20% slope to the ski lift, snow blower, and 200-meter-long training lift.

One of the advantages of the Chelgerd ski resort is that it is sunny most days of the year and provides convenient amenities and services such as accommodation, car parking, a local souvenir shop, and a ski equipment rental and sales shop.

Sahand Ski Resort

Sahand Ski Resort can be mentioned among the slopes of northwestern Iran located near Tabriz.

One of the advantages of this ski resort is half an hour’s distance from Tabriz city and facilities such as 12 lifts, a villa hotel, and sports facilities on the way. You can ski at Sahand Ski Resort for 6 months of the year.

Dena Ski Resort

Dena Ski Resort, which is also known as Kakan ski resort, is located 18 km from Yasouj city and is 1500 meters long and 600 meters wide. As a result, it is considered among the vast ski slopes of Iran.

The various facilities of this ski resort, such as Ski Lift, Ski Resort, dormitory, and restaurant with instructors, make it very suitable for training.

It is an active ski resort in the southern half of Iran. Dena Ski Resort can be used from winter to early spring.

Khoshaku Ski Resort

Khoshaku Ski Resort is one of ski pistes in Iran in West Azarbaijan province and Urmia city in the mountains of this region, which is chosen as a ski resort in winter and as a destination for mountain climbing in summer.

This ski resort offers beautiful scenery to your eyes. It is suitable for all kinds of winter sports, such as skiing and tubing.

Payam Ski Resort

Yam Ski Resort, also called Payam Ski Resort, is another ski resort in East Azerbaijan near Marand.

If you are interested in winter sports, we recommend you visit Payam Ski Resort.

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