Deserts in Iran tour guide Guide for desert tours

Deserts in Iran tour guide Guide for desert tours

Why do we suggest you choose the desert?

Deserts in Iran tour guide Guide for desert tours

Considering the number of different deserts, Iran is one of the important nature tourism destinations in the field of desert tourism. Among the famous deserts of Iran are the Zarin desert plain, Masr desert, Maranjab, Varzaneh, Metin Abad, and Shahdad Kerman, countless travelers choose this destination every year in autumn, winter, and April.

If you plan to travel to the desert, the best thing to do is to choose a suitable Iran tour guide You can explore the remains of prehistoric times with desert tours or by private car. If you choose the desert tour by car, it should be noted that you should bring the desert tour guide, Iran map, desert map, and GPS to avoid getting lost and other dangers.

But if you join the desert tour team, you don’t have to worry about food, accommodation, or getting lost on the way. Therefore, it is better to use tour guides from Iran such as Kental Iran Travel to make a safe and comfortable trip for yourself.

Walking on the hot desert sands with bare feet, off-road riding, camel riding, skiing on loose sand, and ATV riding. They are one of the special and pristine experiences that can be obtained in desert tours. In addition, night tours and night walks, and watching the desert sky are also unique attractions of traveling to the desert.

Follow this article so that Kental Iran Travel will introduce you to the benefits of desert travel in Iran.

The best time to travel to the desert

In the travel guide to the desert, one of the important questions of users is when to travel to the desert.

It is very important to check the best travel time. The Kental Iran Travel team, with tourism experts, suggests that if you plan to visit the desert, autumn to early spring is considered the best time to travel to the desert. If you plan to spend the night in the desert, spring is a good option.

In the autumn and winter seasons, the day is chosen to go to the desert, many times you can see the sunrise and sunset of the desert and enjoy the unique landscape of the desert.

Deserts in Iran tour guide Guide for desert tours

Dos and don’ts of traveling to the desert

The Kental Iran Travel team one of the best Iran tour guides suggests you pay attention to these points to have a safe and comfortable trip in the heart of the desert:

1. Having enough water and energy-rich foods

One of the tips for traveling to the desert is to have enough water and light food. Even if you are traveling on a tour, be sure to have enough water with you before entering the desert. Use light and energizing foods such as nuts. You should avoid eating fatty and salty foods because heatstroke may happen to you.

2. Wearing clothes suitable for desert travel

When traveling to the desert, keep in mind that you should pay attention to the type of clothing you wear. In the travel guide to the desert, proper clothing is another important thing that all travelers should pay attention to. Usually, wear cool cotton clothes. If you are going in winter, light cotton fabrics are also very suitable so that you don’t feel cold. In the desert, choose a suitable shoe that protects your feet from the bites of insects or desert animals.

3. Having a suitable backpack

It is important to use small backpacks more and not get tired of your navigation. A sun hat and sunglasses are other necessary accessories in the desert and must be taken with you to protect your eyes and skin from the sun.

4. First aid box

In the travel guide to the desert, one of the tips that you should not forget is to have a first aid box, which should contain painkillers, band-aids, betadine, anti-insect ointments, and ointments after insect bites. Sterile gas and bandage should also be in the first aid box. Because the deserts are very far from medical centers, you should take them with you in case of an accident.

5. Sanitary supplies needed in the desert

In the travel guide to the desert, one of the items is to have toiletries. Sunscreen to protect the skin, bug repellant spray, ointment after insect bites, wet wipes, and disinfectant gel are among the hygiene items that you must have with you in the desert.

Why is it important to choose an Iran tour guide for traveling in the desert?

All over the world, desert tours are considered popular and special tourist attractions. The important thing is that desert tours are usually not available everywhere in the world and this aspect of nature tourism cannot be easily taken advantage of. The best work is to choose a good Iran tour guide. One of the best of these tours is Kental Iran Travel. It is a professional team whose experts have good experience about the desert and desert trips

Now, for many people around the world, desert trekking is more attractive and exciting than forest and beach tours. Because in the desert, you can experience touching and watching the pristine and different nature that cannot be found anywhere.

Deserts in Iran tour guide Guide for desert tours

But since Iran has all the special and unique beauties and charms together, desert tours are easily available.

Do not forget that a trip to the desert is not a solo trip and it is better to go on desert tours to experience such trips. Traveling to the desert individually and personally can have serious consequences and risks. Because in some desert parts of the country, satellite and internet routers are out of reach and it will be very, very dangerous not to know the places and routes.

That’s why we recommend you go with Iran Tours Guide. One of the best Iran Tours Guide is Kental Iran Travel The experts of this team choose guides for traveling in the desert who are professionals and have a lot of knowledge about desert places. The specialists of this team provide you with the best services for an enjoyable and exciting adventure in the pure deserts of Iran.

If you are a fan of adventure travel, a trip to the desert will be a good suggestion for you. The desert tour can be done in different destinations such as Semnan, Kerman, Sistan and Baluchistan, Isfahan, Yazd, and Khorasan provinces; Therefore, you can use desert tours such as the Isfahan desert tour and Kashan desert tour along with other Iran tours. Desert tourism in Iran offers you various exciting activities, such as; Safari, quad biking, sand riding, camel riding, stargazing, etc.


In conclusion, you can choose to travel to the deserts of Iran with the guidance of experts from the kental Iran Travel team. All kinds of Iran desert tours with camel riding in the desert, professional safari, local accommodations, local organic food, stargazing, photography training in the desert, and spending the night in the heart of the desert will bring you a memorable trip.

If you are looking for an adventure, don’t forget If you are in the deserts of Iran, you can entrust your trip to Kental Iran Travel. Kental Iran Travel has a lot of information about the scenic deserts of Iran and can bring you an enjoyable trip.So contact us we are with you in all stages of the trip, from getting the Iran visa to the last stages of the trip



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