According to W.H.O World Health Organization:

as of 2000, Iran has one of the highest rank health-system performance. In 2016, Bloomberg News ranked Iran 30th most efficient healthcare system ahead of United States and Brazil.

The country has over 850 governmental and private hospitals nationwide that lots of them are very advanced and follow high quality standards often those licensed by the IPD or the INTERNATIONAL PATIENT DEPARTEMENT offer world-class standards of service to patients. Also, they are equipped with modern medical equipment and facilities that can provide medical treatments in various specialties. An important and distinct point about Iran’s private hospitals is that these hospitals have a separate department to offer services for international patients. International patients are treated in a special way and in equipped rooms with experienced and trained staff with intercultural communication skills

Beside high quality services, the cost of medical services in Iran are highly lower than all advanced countries and even most of medical tourism destinations in the whole world. The main reason why cost is such a huge benefit when it comes to medical tourism in Iran is the weakness of the Rial (IRR) our Iranian currency. ​

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