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What are the costs of getting a visa?

KENTAL TRAVEL service charges an application fee for vip & regular, efficient and guaranteed visa acceptance. Each nationality has to pay a separate visa fee upon their visa pickup. Find a complete list of Iran Tourist Visa prices per nationality.

Will I get an Iranian stamp in my passport?

No . you dont get an iranian stamp in your passport

How long will it take to receive my visa authorization code?

If you apply through KENTAL Travel, it depends on you which services you choose. VIP services you will receive your visa authorization code within 2-5 working days (other than thursdays, and fridays). Regular services you will receive your visa authorization code within 5-10 working days (other than thursdays, and fridays).

When should I apply for my visa authorization code?

You should realistically apply for your Iran Visa Authorization Code 2 weeks before your departure to Iran

What should I should do after I receive my visa authorization code?

Depending on where you have chosen to pick up your Iran Tourist Visa (airport VOA counter, or one of Iran’s worldwide embassies and consulates)

Nationals from the US, UK & Canada

If travelling to mainland Iran, it will take at least 1 months (only kentaltravel can do) to process your visa You must plan your We have to provide the entire itinerary for them, along with dedicated escort guide at all times Qeshm and Kish, don’t require tourist visa. This can be arranged in 2 working days. Multinationals that have a US, UK and Canadian passport plus a passport from another nationality, are encouraged to use their second passport when applying for their Iran visa. You do not have to disclose your citizenship with the US, UK or Canada.

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