Where Are the Best Places for Alpine Coaster Riding in Iran? + Video

Where Are the Best Places for Alpine Coaster Riding in Iran?

Today, we want to introduce places where you can enjoy both the scenery of that region and riding an alpine coaster.

  1. Tochal, Tehran

Riding alpine coaster is exciting anywhere, Tochal alpine coaster in Tehran with a length of 1420 meters is one of the longest alpine coasters in Iran, where you can experience the peak excitement and speed and Tehran landscape.

  1. Talesh, Gilan

One of the most exciting recreational facilities in the north of Iran is definitely riding alpine coaster in the heart of the forest, Talesh alpine coaster is worth riding several times due to its beautiful route. The length of Talesh’s coaster is about one kilometer and it is located in Siahdaran mountainous area.

  1. Namakabrud, Mazandaran

Namakabrud alpine coaster provides you a different exciting experience in the heart of the spectacular nature. You can go through the beautiful trees at a maximum speed of 25 km/h. This alpine coaster has a 1250-meter track.

  1. Ganjnameh, Hamedan

You can enjoy the slopes of Alvand mountain with this alpine coaster at a speed of 45 km/h. The track is 1150 meters long.

  1. Heyran, Astara, Gilan

If you happen to pass by Astara city, don’t miss visiting this alpine coaster. Heyran tourist village also has cable car, karting and a whole lot of other cool entertainments. This alpine coaster is about 1,500 meters long and it is the longest and highest alpine coaster in Iran. Ali Daei, the Iranian football legend, also rode this alpine coaster.