Aria Shopping Center

Aria Shopping Center in the Safaeieh area of Yazd is a modern, well-equipped mall known for its impressive structure and lighting. It features five main floors connected by escalators and elevators, housing 113 stores that sell various products, including clothing, household items, Yazd souvenirs, cosmetics, and footwear. The mall also offers a dedicated parking area for convenience.

The top floor boasts a high-quality restaurant with a well-regarded menu, providing a perfect spot to rest during shopping. Opened in 2008 by Akbar Hosseinizadeh, Aria Shopping Center covers over 8,000 square meters and includes three commercial floors, with parking and dining facilities on the other two floors. It’s a popular tourist attraction known for its wide range of brand-name stores and modern amenities, making it a prime destination for shopping enthusiasts.

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