Arizona Canyons in Iran + Video

The Most Beautiful Canyons of Southern Iran;

Arizona Canyons in Iran + Video

This is Iran, but with stunning beautiful valleys that remind you of Arizona canyons in the United States!

  1. Chahkooh Canyon, 70 km from Qeshm Island, Hormozgan

Chahkooh canyon is one of those places with special vibes. This canyon, known as the Arizona of Iran, is one of the seven wonders of Qeshm, which is 100 meters deep and formed by the erosion of sedimentary rocks.

  1. Stars Valley, Near Borka Khalaf Village, Qeshm, Hormozgan

Stars Valley is the masterpiece of nature in Qeshm and two million years old. The villagers believe that this valley was formed due to a star falling on earth, but scientifically, it’s created by soil erosion.

  1. Silence Valley of (Energy or Namak-Tabarzan Valley), Hormuz

This valley is made of crystal and salt dome, providing you positive energy because of the rock salts there. Many believe that the energy that this valley gives you can’t be found anywhere else. Locals believe that salt absorbs sound and that’s why they call it Silence Valley. Salt Goddess is also a mount of salt, which is extremely beautiful with special splendor.

  1. Chakavir Valley, Guran Village, 92 KM from Qeshm, Hormozgan

Don’t miss visiting this canyon in winter and autumn, it’s sandy, so you must have special equipment for canyoning.

  1. The Valley of Statues, Hormuz

Rocks in this valley are very similar to animal heads and that’s why it is called the Valley of Statues. You can see one of the most beautiful sunsets here.